This is just my little ol' blog of my simple, little life, my family of 4 - Me and the Boy (J or Jeff) and our fur kids, Charlie and Baxter.
Jeff and I met in March of 2002 around St. Patrick's Day and we quickly became inseparable from thereon forward. We became one another's best friends, we would drop plans with friends to spend time together.. We spent the first four days knowing each inseparable, I think I just went home that weekend to have a shower and then go back to Kevin's to meet up with Jeff again.  We've been on many adventures together or we can be doing nothing at all, I love it all, we just simply have good fun together.  An so, on our 5th anniversary of dating, Jeff proposed to me. Well, okay, not really ON our 5th anniversary but rather it was the following day because it just didn't work out on our actual anniversary date.  Finally, on June 28, 2008, Jeff and I sealed the deal and were married in front of just shy of 100 people.  It was one of the best days of my life and I'll never forget it.. the details, the smells, the sights, the people.. it was just perfect.

We don't have "children" in the conventional sense but we have do have two kids - they just have fur and four legs. :) They are Bichons Frise and share the same mother and father, they are just 8 months apart (a litter).
Charlie was born on May 23, 2007 and Baxter was born January 15, 2008.  We love our dogs so much that we just had to have them in our wedding with us.  They are a huge part of our lives and our family and so it was decided that the boys would walk my mom down the aisle and it was the cutest ever.  They had satin tuxedo suits made for them with rhinestones in the bow tie and they just looked so dapper.  And boy did they love all the attention and they were such good little boys.

I can't imagine my life without my three boys. :)

Work-wise: I work in the financial district in downtown Toronto but someday I'd love to be living the dream and teach yoga and pet sit/dog walk the rest of my days.  I currently have a part time job where I work at least one weekend a month (or more, depending on if it's busy) and I do house calls for pet visits or dog walking.  I do it because I love it and it's not a job to me, it's more fun than anything and it's also therapeutic for the stress levels.  It isn't always glamorous, we sometimes care for ailing, sick or special needs pets but it's nice to be there for the animals and give them some comfort when their pet parents aren't home or aren't able to be there.
To say that I love yoga is an understatement.  To me that would be a dream "job".  Well, a realistic one.


Picture is dark as hell but this is with one of my inspirational mentors.... the lovely Seane Corn :)

Anyone who knows me would tell you that if I could go back and do things differently in terms of life and which direction I'm heading I'd have gone to school for biology or something related.  If I could do it over again, I don't think that I would be living in North America but rather somewhere in Africa.  However, having said that now, in retrospect, had I known then what I know now, the life I would've had would have been completely different as I know it and I wouldn't have met Jeff at all. I'm just drawn to Kenya especially because of the elephants.  There's something about them that moves me in ways that I just can't put into words.  It's very emotional and there's just this connection I feel to these tremendous beings.... Someday I'll make it to Kenya and Tanzania ..... :) 

I am a huge animal rights activist, I don't believe that animals should be put on display for our own selfish purposes when there is no discussion about education and conservation, nevermind their enmotional wellbeing.  Nevermind, some of these animals are hunted and poached and brought in under nefarious pretenses because they will guarantee more people coming to the zoos.  It's been a few years now, but once I came back from Holland and having visiting the Amsterdam zoo, I came home to do my last visit and say goodbye to the three remaining girls at the Toronto Zoo.  Politics is what's keeping them in Toronto and I hope that someday our ele's will make it to California (PAWS) to live out the rest of their days, free from being on display....so they can just be.  (Update: They left on Thanksgiving weekend on the Sunday (2013), and made their journey by two trucks (two in one truck and the third ele in the second truck) and while they've only just been there two weeks as I now update it, their lives have been forever changed and they're just beginning to learn what grass feels like under their feet, what a mud bath is and they're able to move freely in a huge open space free from being on display as "entertainment" from us humans.  I'm so elated they're gone from Toronto, as well because California weather is much more suited to them) It amazed me that it was politics amongst Board of Director members and politicians fighting to keep these ladies from getting from where they are to where they needed to be.  Hopefully Lucy is next.  She's by herself, freezing her ass off in the Edmonton Zoo.  Bob Barker has been fighting for her for years but they won't let her go..... God damn greed. 
I believe that we humans have single-handedly created this crazy world we live in today.  Poaching, wars, politics, conflict, extinction of animals, pollution - WE have done this to ourselves and no one else.  And it's sick.  It's absolutely sickening the world we live in and some of the people that walk this earth with us.  I have strong beliefs and I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in and share my beliefs.  We must educate and advocate for those that do not have a voice.  Turning a blind is a cowardly act; the problem doesn't go away you just simply choose not to see it.  And ignorance solves nothing. 

I blog because I've always had an interest in writing my entire life, mainly in journals, but in the land of everything digital, of course blogging just seems to have come organically.  I have kept mainly private blogs over the years but decided to give this one a go and leave it public. 

DISCLAIMER: Much of what I say is cuss words, that's just who I am.  I'll love you until you give me reason to abandon you and leave you in the dust.  I'm loyal like no other but do not treat me like a piece of shit or like I'm your door mat.  I am also not your psychiatrist and if you want me to listen, it goes both ways.

This is just a glimpse of my/our simple life...Namaste and be well. xo

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