Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My weekend up north (tons of pics!)

To recap the weekend, I booked Friday off from work weeks ago when Jeff asked me if I wanted to come up to his parents house the weekend of the shooting competition but his brother this time was going to bring his sorta-kinda-not really girlfriend or lady friend.  We were going to leave on Thursday night, having sorta packed on Wednesday night and then the last of it on Thursday after we got home from work.  But the night flew by and by the time we were in the car and ready to go, the weather took a turn and it was nasty out.  So both Jeff and I said at the same time practically, not even 10 minutes after leaving, that we should turn around and head out early in the morning.  So we did just that.  Friday morning came along, got up, had breakfast and left around 10 ish or so.  Loaded up the car with a few things, the dogs, grabbed coffee and off we were.

The night before - they were ready to go but the weather wasn't co-operating.

My co-pilot, Charlie.

The kids, in the backseat just waiting to get up north to the fresh air.
Below are pictures taken just before arriving at the house.  Love all the pretty fall colours, although up here, many of the leaves have already fallen and many trees are pretty barren.

And then it began lightly snowing on Friday night... The boys were excited about this.  I was not.  Lol I hate the cold, FYI
We discovered somewhere along the way that Jeff's brother's kinda-sorta-not really gf wasn't coming along, so it was just Jeff, his brother and I (and the dogs for the weekend, which was fine but man, Jeff's brother left everything til the last minute when everything had been planned weeks ago, but I digress. Whatever.).  So during the days, I would be by myself, which was fine.  The dogs would occupy my time, I could take them outside off-leash, or on walks, I could cook dinner or rather check on the slow-cook ribs and chicken in the oven that was in for 8 hours (!!).  But the way the weather turned out and no RSVP list for the gun club meant that no one showed up, so the boys came home relatively early.  Had a really yummy dinner and enjoyed the evening with the guys.  Sunday's match was cancelled but Jeff and his brother wanted to go to the club in case someone showed up that hadn't received the email so they did just that and left around 8 am.  I cleaned up the rest of the day, watched tv and packed up awaiting their arrival back in the afternoon to head back home.  And from here, I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Saturday morning, early.
Hmmm. How'd we get up on the table, guys?  I swear these dogs are part cat.

Curled up in a ball, Baxter :)

Where's Charlie!?! LOL Poor fella is just tanked

Can't you just tell how exhausted this fella is just looking at his sweet face?  So sweet :)

Failing to get a picture of the both of us so the face is a face is disdain and disappointment lol
Uh oh, there goes a teddy. LOL
The End.  We went home and all's well.  It's been a great week thus far.  I can't believe that in 12 days I'm going to be 30 years old *AHHHHHHH*
- L

Monday, October 28, 2013

I've got a bigger post coming from the weekend up north.  Lots of pictures of beautiful fall colours, the dogs enjoying the fresh air and *cough* their first snowfall. 

Anyone else notice that Blogger is a bit glitch as of lately?  I'd move it but frankly, I don't have my own domain name and two, I don't know anything more than the basic HTML bullshit. 

Random: Today I switched things up at the gym and went to a Jillian Michael's Shred class.  Wow.  All I'm saying is wow.  My face is still crimson.  LOL But it's good to mix shit up, right? 

For now, I leave you with this.  Go to this link.  (Helps if I post the link, huh? Lol) http://www.fda.gov/downloads/AboutFDA/CentersOffices/OfficeofFoods/CVM/CVMFOIAElectronicReadingRoom/UCM371578.pdf

This list above is what the FDA released about all those dog treats that contain products from China and/or are made in China.  Basically, don't feed your dog anything you wouldn't eat.  Capiche?

Back tomorrow with the weekend recap post.

Toodles ;)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Every single fucking day my mother is having problems with her Hotmail/Outlook account. Asking her to input codes, re-routing her to a summary page.  I just don't fucking get it.  I can simultaneously log in with her and I get her inbox.  Her, no, always a different story and her and my step dad are completely incompetent in terms of computers.  And my step-dad deleted his contacts from gmail.  Um, contacts don't just randomly delete themselves.  STOP CLICKING AROUND AND MESSING SHIT UP.  I'm only ranting because I'm the one that has to deal with this shit and has to in the end fix it all.  Drives me flippin INSANE!!!! ARGH!!!!!

Anyways, that's the end of my rant of the day.  LOL So sorry about that.  This blog is definitely an outlet.

Last night we went to dinner with my mom and step-dad and it was MmmmMmmm good.  Man has the temperature ever gotten chilly.  And damp.  At work here, it's freezing.  I have such a gorgeous view down Queen Street and looking directly at the clock tower at Old City Hall but the windows man, they're brutal.  They're clearly not sealed as well as they should be or its just simply the vast expanse of windows.  Or both.

Tonight we're heading up north for the weekend.  Jeff has a gun competition Saturday and Sunday and Jeff's brother is coming up with his kind-sorta-not-girlfriend and we're going to hang out while they're doing that.  We're also taking the boys with us, so it should be a good time me thinks.

I'll update over the weekend.  Ciao :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just got back from an amaze-balls yoga sesh with my friend Mares.

Check out my new tights from Black Milk Clothing... LOVE!! Weird but cool, right??? 

We then got vegetarian lunch to go Fresh, a spicy black bean burrito with goat cheese. Mmmm!

Weekend was alright. Went shopping on Saturday with Jeff, went to a spin class and a friend and her bf came over later that night. Sunday, though, was a write off and we'll just leave it at that. :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I :heart: Lululemon!

Not quite like a girl and her Lululemon.  I could single-handed buy out that entire store, I love it!!!  I purchased a new top and crops last night while I was out.  I swear if they made sheets, I'd live in them!  Their shit is so comfy! :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend, Rants of the Moment and Pet Pictures

Ugh after working ALL weekend, he tells me he's tired and taking the day off.  Not only does he work a 4-day work week anyways, this week is shortened because of Thanksgiving yesterday and then in addition, today.  So a whopping 2 day work week.  I work ALL bloody weekend and you're tired? Puh-lease.  Give me a break.  And giving me attitude about it like it's my fault.  Yeah, you can go fuck your hat.  Next.

Next rant, then I'll shut up.  Why the fuck do people complain and complain about shit but don't take ANY steps to rectify or fix it.  Story of my fucking life at work, I think everyone has the mentality that "someone else will do" shit.  It's horse shit and I'm just really tired of people being lazy and not being proactive and passing it off to the next person.  Every work place you get lazy ass people or people that pass the buck, because it's beneath them.  Okay, I'm done and I feel better about life now. LOL

I just got back from the gym, the weight lifting hour class and I needed it.  I walked all weekend with my dog visits and I was off on Friday (which I intended on going to the gym but never made it *frowny face*), but it's just not the same as going to the gym.  I met some amazing, lovely new animals that I never had the chance to previously meet and a few of them stole my heart.  In particular, a 9 year old German Sheppard.  Poor girl's back end is failing her but she tries so, SO hard to get around and even to play with her over-sized sticks.  *smiles*  I didn't rush my visits with her, it was all on her own time, I just couldn't rush her knowing that she was struggling even though I was helping her while I was at her house for several visits a day.  Thankfully, Audi's (the dog's name) mom will be home tomorrow and I'm sure she'll be overjoyed to be reunited with her.  And vice versa.  Despite being crazy busy this long weekend, I was able to squeeze in a dinner over at my mom's house yesterday evening in between the bed time (and last) visits.  It was delish and I definitely had a food belly afterwards. LOL Man I love food! That's why I go to the gym, to eat all the yummy food this world has to offer.  Oh and not to look 500 lbs whilst doing so.  :)

So let's let the pictures speak for themselves.  Enjoy.


My first Border Terrier

I actually walked TWO Rhodesian Ridgebacks this weekend and it was awesome.  One of my fave breeds.  Both dogs were polar opposites.  One was a bit younger, still very much a puppy and prey driven.  The second one was much more calm, listened to direction, etc.  Both beautiful, handsome boys. :)


The ever so happy, Bandit

Bugsy lol

This guy, George and Chester, just above, the second Ridgeback, were a delight to care for.  Big, happy lugs :)

P.S. Blogger sucks on the best of days and fucks up the spacing... Grrr!

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