Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This was supposed to be a Monday post... Now it's Tuesday.. Sigh... Story of My Life, right? lol

K something I want to get off my chest now.. I really am getting sick and tired of people bitching, whining and/or complaining about everything under the sun, most often trivial things that aren't the end of the world but people blow them up into mountains.  Put things in perspective people, in the grand scheme of things does it matter that much?  Let it go.  Now I realise there are legitimate things people worry or stress about or complain about but again, perspective.  Bitching and complaining about leaving your boyfriend because he's a filthy man that doesn't help out around the house... What man do you know that ISN'T like that? Not fucking man, let me tell you.  I think I'm also just a fucking magnet for people to unload their bullshit and garbage on.  I AM a good listener but I feel people just unload all of their bullshit on me and its heavy man.  I have my own shit, people need to quit complaining or if not, make a change, do something differently.  But constantly complaining about shit isn't going to solve anything.  I mean, this isn't rocket science and on the best of days I could heed to my own advice, but come on.. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

I'm done on that topic, I just seem to see negativity all around me and I try so hard to surround myself with positivity but being around people like that, it tubs off on you.....

Anyways, I just got back from the gym, did a Body Pump class for one hour and my triceps and abs are aching at the moment and come to think of it I've got pretty wobbly legs.  We'll see how I wake up tomorrow and I'll report back. 

Anyways, I can't write much anyways because I'm so swamped at work.  Basically, after 4 long weeks house/dog sitting at my mom's for her while she was away with my step-dad in England, we are finally back at home.  Halleluiah!! LOL  I can't say how nice it is being back at home.  The dogs are even happy back at home.  Those critters are at the groomers as we speak getting all handsomified for Momma bear!  Pictures to come of their coifs!


P.S.  Is this not the prettiest bracelet?  My friend that went to London, Paris and the South of France brought this back for me.  LOVE!!

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