Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Up until recently, I couldn't eat uncooked fruits and vegetables, but it was mainly fruits that was my arch nemesis. I couldn't break down the protein in a lot of fruits such as grapes, melons, berries, apples, etc.  This was all caused by a horrible allergic reaction to lychee I has a few years ago, which at the time was quite disheartening because half of my diet used to be fruits.  Up until recently, my bff was my epipen. Thankfully I seem to have outgrown this shit and I'm now good to eat raw fruit and veggies but to stay away from lychee and grapes. I still carry the epipen bc I had another reaction after I was given the all clear.

I carry a pair of underwear in my purse because I'm at the gym every day. Yep, I'm a crotch sweater. LOL tmi!! 

I like most types of music, just not so much the honky tonk country type.....My taste go from Adele to Coldplay, Kanye West (ok ok not all of his shit but some of it's alright) to Dave Matthews Band, Andrea Bocceli, Hed PE, Elisa, Eminem, Foo Fighters, KO, Pearl Jam, Sade, Rolling Stones, radiohead, Ne-Yo, The Lumineers, Modest Mouse, Oasis... See it's all over the map, isn't it?

I think some of the newest trends his year are just retarded... Mom jeans anyone? Wear them under your boobs but ass falling out.. Or down... Whichever way you look at it. Lol

There are some things I can control and other things I cannot, like for instance people's attitudes or just overall negativity.. I just don't understand how some people can carry on and be so god damn miserable about anything and EVERYTHING. Get a grip, everyone has their issues and trauma's they've been through but in the grander scheme of life, is it worth wasting all that energy on something so stupid or insignificant? Probably not...

Lately, I've been creating delicious (!!!) smoothies and protein/seed/granola bars and they are out of this world.

That's all for now.. Charlie says peace out and take 'er easy!


Hump day!

Just uploading some pictures from my iPhone.  I lost my entire contact list over the weekend, which was the beez-neez let me tell you.  So odd.  So at that point, and in conjunction with it crashing all the time, I said fuck it and took off all the hacked apps and what not, restored it to factory and upgraded to the iOS 6, which runs super smooth and quick now.

What else is new with moi????  I'm going away in May with my mom and aunt to Barbados!!!! They're going for 2 weeks and I'll be joining them on the second week but I'll be staying 9 nights the way that the weekends work and there's a stat holiday in there as well, so I get to miss only 5 work days which is pretty sweet.  Jeff is a bit bummed but excited and happy for me.  He pouted a bit, which is to be expected.  But how can I go wrong spending $600 to stay for 9 nights in paradise?  I can't.  You can't even grasp straws to give me reasons why its not a good idea.

I'm pet sitting this weekend, really busy which is alright.  Lots of clients I've never met before.  A couple of Shelties, a lab, a husky, some cats, fish, etc.

Jeff and I right now are good.  Of course things change in an instant but I will persevere and not give up hope that things will get better. 

Namaste and have a great day!

How true indeed.
 I'm posting a few pics of Baxter aka Baggy aka Toad.  I take most pics of Charlie because he doesn't move around much and Baxter is usually all over the place unless he's passed out in bed or on the couch just tanked.  He's such a little sweetheart.  He's changed so much in the last few years.  Little man is 5 now.  Charlie's birthday is coming up May 23rd, he'll be 6 (!!!!!!) - Crazy how time flies......

Loves a good ear scratch

When he yawns, it's a good thing.  Means he's happy and relaxed :)

At work yesterday.  Shameless, I know.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dreadful Mondays

Man I feel like I haven't posted much in the last week... Okay, well I haven't but that's because I didn't have much to report or much positive to say.  The below pictures were taken over a week ago!!

How about I say that I'll write more tomorrow, cool? Cool. :) 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


How did we get where we are today?  Where did the love, affection, adoration and everything else go? Oh wait, hold on a minute, it's all my fault, remember?  I am the creator of everyone's happiness and I am the one that shits on it all.  Sorry's don't mean anything anymore.  So many awful things have been said by both parties, I don't know if there is any coming back from this....  We treat eachother like shit.  We do nothing together.  And when we do, we fight like bitches.... Where did this mutual love and respect go?  What the fuck has happened with my life?  Were both so incredibly unhappy, yet if I make changes, I do everything, maybe then he'll smile, be happy and once again tell me what a wonderful person I am.  He's the one person on this planet that doesn't see this good person that everyone else sees.  Similarly, he's the one person that everyone sees as being a saint, does everything for people, good, kind etc. etc.  But I bring out the exact opposite I suppose.  That's why I sometimes think he'd be better off without me.  I am nothing but horrible-ness.  I truly am a horrible son of a bitch I guess.  I've lost myself in ten years... hell, actually, I don't think I've ever found myself.  I deserve to be in the gutter where I was chucked decades ago.  The only person that has my back is my mom and it's tearing her up seeing me as sad and frustrated and angry that I am...... I am not a religious person but God give me the strength to get through this... This is really killing me inside.  If this does not stop, one or both of us is going to have a stroke or heart attack and it's going to be awful.

All I know is that I'm not this big, horrible bad guy.  I'm not this horrible person that I've been made out to be. At all... This just sucks donkey balls

Friday, February 15, 2013

My life these days... Such excitement

Sighhhhhhh! What has my life become lately?!?! It's such a mess, a clusterfuck. I live with Jekyll and Hyde, but yet wait I don't, it's all me, it's all my fault. Listen I'll admit when I'm being an asshole, when I apologize I mean it, but fuck me sideways I'm not always the bad guy. It's just not fair. It gets worse all the time. It's like every week it just escalates and I swear one of us is going to stroke out or have a heart attack, I'm not even kidding.
Oh and video games, yeah they're the root of all evil and bullshit.

Over and out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's up Wednesday!

Does marriage get any easier?  This past year has been B R U T A L!  I'm tired of everything being thrown back in my face like I'm the problem, I'm always wrong.  I'm so sick and tired of it.  I realise that I'm not perfect, I'll be the first one to admit it, but fuck!!  End rant.

On to more positive shit.  It's really hard for me to be positive when things are seemingly well and then they take an abrupt nose dive.  But I'm learning.

I seriously need to get the fuck away, get some sunshine, some relaxation.  I couldn't believe that today is only flippin Tuesday.  Wtf, bro? Woah, took a step back and worked for a few hours and then came back to this.  I need a WTF, today isn't Tuesday, it's Wednesday.  Can you tell I'm exhausted?!

And to boot, I went and did weights yesterday and then followed up with yoga in the evening.  *Sigh*

Took a day off today even though I get cranky when I don't go.  Going to watch me some Joe Schmo later and Survivor. 


Monday, February 11, 2013

My weekend

As you can see, my weekend was filled with dog stuff and happy that it was.  Had a lazy weekend apart from grocery shopping and cleaning this weekend, surprisingly the grocery shopping bit took a long time as I did our monthly load at Costco.  Got a whole whack of new vitamins too, some flaxseed oil, fish oil, evening primrose, multivitamins.. I'm really on a health kick and I'm hoping that once I get my allergies tested again, I can perhaps reintroduce fresh fruits into my diet instead of carrying around this lousy Epipen in my bag every bloody day.

We got dumped on much like the entire eastern seaboard on Friday so the dogs had much fun tromping around in (their) shoulder deep snow and then having extended naps afterwards to recuperate.

That is all my friends. :)

Friday, February 8, 2013


Just look at my little lovelies :)  They got groomed by my wonderful groomer and friend this past Tuesday.

Lovely little Charlie posing. He always poses for me when I point a camera at him or my iPhone 

Baxter at the forefront and Charlie is behind him.  Loveeeee how they get groomed now!

This is their gf Lily

Baxter close up

Tired Charlie after the groomers lol

After months and months, I finally got my hair cut

Obsessed with making butternut squash soup lately Mmmmm!

This morning before I hopped on the train to go to work

View from my office, pretty huh?

I'm going to be vain and say that I actually really like this picture *smiles*

It's still alive!!! I just noticed a few days ago that it had some blooms on it and today look!!

Haha! About to head out for a romp in all the snow

After.. tired puppies

The end... Man I post a lot of pictures of the dogs.  Jeff is up north helping marshall the dog sled race with his Dad and I'm on my own with the dogs.  I'll be going out with my mom's tomorrow to do a Costco run and cleaning this weekend so nothing too exciting. 

~Namaste and have a wonderful weekend everyone~

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My weekend recap

My god it's almost mid-week yet again.  Where does the time go!?  It's funny in that when you're young, all you want to do is grow up... When you're there, you want to pause time and slow down.  It's hard to believe that I'll be 30 frickin years old later this year.  I think I perhaps I figured that I'd be in my 20's forever.  Not the case, Lindsay, not the case at all. LOL

Last Thursday, it was the hubby's 36th birthday, to which we went out to a quaint little Italian place and he had his osso buco that he's had there before and loved.  After that, we had a friend over and had many, many laughs that evening.  It was really fun.

Friday, Jeff waited around all bloody day for a friend to say jump.  That didn't come til about 3:30 when he finally decided it was a fine time to move.  Well, I shouldn't save move because dude hadn't even begun his packing for frig sakes.  Not to mention, he was dusting his electronics all the while Jeff was standing around just twiddling his thumbs.  His buddy had taken a half day on Thursday to pack.. well pack my ass because there was no packing, it was all done on Friday afternoon.  Jeff started out the move, I made one pet visit and then joined up with them to get the ball rolling so that we could eat dinner before midnight.  We got him moved and all that shit and we managed to be sitting down to eat, oh I'd say at 10:45!!!

The rest of the weekend was petsitting/dog walking, which was good fun and good times, as per usal.  Below are some of the animals I looked after. :)

I finished up my last visit around 4 pm on Sunday and came home and did our laundry and made dinner later on that evening.  Oh, I made my first homemade Butternut Squash soup on Sunday evening as I was making regular dinner and if I do say so myself, it was quite yummy!! :)  I'm going to be making some tomorrow evening so that Jeff can take some up north when he heads up on Thursday night to do the dog sled race with his dad and brother.  I was invited but you can't pet the dogs as they are working dogs and I'd only get a glimpse of them and frankly, I'm not cut out to stand outside for 8 bloody hours.  No thank you.  So I'm staying home and doing a costco run, yoga classes and just hanging out with the boys.  Will miss Jeff but he needs that brother/dad time/family time.

Peace out, I'm going to the gym now.  :)

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