Monday, February 11, 2013

My weekend

As you can see, my weekend was filled with dog stuff and happy that it was.  Had a lazy weekend apart from grocery shopping and cleaning this weekend, surprisingly the grocery shopping bit took a long time as I did our monthly load at Costco.  Got a whole whack of new vitamins too, some flaxseed oil, fish oil, evening primrose, multivitamins.. I'm really on a health kick and I'm hoping that once I get my allergies tested again, I can perhaps reintroduce fresh fruits into my diet instead of carrying around this lousy Epipen in my bag every bloody day.

We got dumped on much like the entire eastern seaboard on Friday so the dogs had much fun tromping around in (their) shoulder deep snow and then having extended naps afterwards to recuperate.

That is all my friends. :)

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