Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hump day!

Just uploading some pictures from my iPhone.  I lost my entire contact list over the weekend, which was the beez-neez let me tell you.  So odd.  So at that point, and in conjunction with it crashing all the time, I said fuck it and took off all the hacked apps and what not, restored it to factory and upgraded to the iOS 6, which runs super smooth and quick now.

What else is new with moi????  I'm going away in May with my mom and aunt to Barbados!!!! They're going for 2 weeks and I'll be joining them on the second week but I'll be staying 9 nights the way that the weekends work and there's a stat holiday in there as well, so I get to miss only 5 work days which is pretty sweet.  Jeff is a bit bummed but excited and happy for me.  He pouted a bit, which is to be expected.  But how can I go wrong spending $600 to stay for 9 nights in paradise?  I can't.  You can't even grasp straws to give me reasons why its not a good idea.

I'm pet sitting this weekend, really busy which is alright.  Lots of clients I've never met before.  A couple of Shelties, a lab, a husky, some cats, fish, etc.

Jeff and I right now are good.  Of course things change in an instant but I will persevere and not give up hope that things will get better. 

Namaste and have a great day!

How true indeed.
 I'm posting a few pics of Baxter aka Baggy aka Toad.  I take most pics of Charlie because he doesn't move around much and Baxter is usually all over the place unless he's passed out in bed or on the couch just tanked.  He's such a little sweetheart.  He's changed so much in the last few years.  Little man is 5 now.  Charlie's birthday is coming up May 23rd, he'll be 6 (!!!!!!) - Crazy how time flies......

Loves a good ear scratch

When he yawns, it's a good thing.  Means he's happy and relaxed :)

At work yesterday.  Shameless, I know.

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