Monday, June 24, 2013

My weekend and I'm already looking forward to camping this Friday!

My little sun worshipper..No matter how hot or humid it is, he LOOOOVES the sun. :)
Found this on Friday, it was Take your Pet to Work Day... Sadly I couldn't bring my babies in... This, I thought, was funny though. :)

Nothing quite like a puddle of Goldendoodle puppy, this is Tucker. :)

I love me some open mouth puppy kisses. lol

DELISH dinner I made on Saturday night

Picked up Junior on Sunday and took him home to see his pet parents :) Doesn't he look happy??

Kody and Zoey - Lovely dogs :)

Murphy - he's like Tiger, the way he bounces and he's got the brightest eyes you've ever seen :)

This weekend was my petsitting/dog walking weekend and quite honestly, it wasn't that busy at all.  Both days I was finished around 3 pm, which never ever happens.  Usually my last visits are in between 9 and 10 pm, so it was nice in that sense this weekend.  I had zero cats, just dogs, which was just fine by me.  Ranging from a Jack Russell, a Chihuahua, Goldendoodles, a Labradoodle, a mutt, a Yorkie, a Golden Retriever mix, a Schnauzer.. It was just as well being a non-busy weekend especially given with the humidity.  Yesterday was a scorcher!  By 10 am it was almost unbearable!!
We're going camping this Friday and I can't wait!!! :)  Boys are getting a hair cut at the groomers today so they'll be nice and cooler for the summer.  Getting groomed just so they can get filthy dirty this coming weekend.  Nice :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Well folks, it's Friday again and I can't say that I'm going to complain about it one iota!  What's been going on?!!?

I just got my sweaty ass back from a combat and core class.  God I never sweat so much in my life as when I 'm in that class.  Steve rocks, love his classes and his energy and little funnies in between all the sweat and moaning and groaning.

This week has gone by quickly, but who am I kidding? Every week just flies by, doesn't it?

To be continued... Must leave to catch my train home now.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend and children..

How do you know when you're ready to have children?  Or are you ever ready?  Everyone is having babies.  People that I used to go to school with, many that I never thought would have kids, they're ALL having kids.  I teeter all the time.  Sometimes I think I want to, other times I don't think I'd be a good mother at all.  Yesterday, while driving home from up north visiting Jeff's parents for the weekend, Jeff and I were talking about his brother's kids and how little respect, manners and courtesy for people, ANYONE.  They just do as they please and it's okay because Jeff's brother's does nothing to rectify or show them the errs in their ways.  He wants to be their friend.  You can be your children's friend but you also are their parent, too.  Jeff's brother's kids get away with murder, and it happened by virtue of their mother passing away 5 years ago.  Don't get me wrong, it was tragic, it was sudden, it was traumatic and a difficult thing for Jeff's brother, and his three kids but everyone has their own traumas, everyone has their own issues and stories... But it is no crutch or reason to excuse the behaviour either.  I lost my Dad when I was 2 years old and I could go on and on how shitty it was and feel sorry for me, blah blah blah but I didn't turn into an asshole simply because I lost one parent.  But, you cannot go through the motions of life and treat people like shit and think you're going to always get your way.  Life doesn't work that way.

In some ways, I think Jeff and I would make good parents because we'd do everything in our power not to let our kid(s) be the things that we are so passionately against and things that we stand up for.  No way would I let a child of mind not have manners and respect one another.  I think humble is the word I'm looking for.  I would want a child of mind to be appreciative, kind, well-mannered, respectful, HUMBLE... Not just some kid running rampant around, going through life all willy-nilly like life owes them something. 

On the other hand, what if I'd be a horrible mother?  I don't know if I have it in me...... Or if I'd be the over-protective annoying OCD mother?  Or the coddling type?  Who knows.

Just ponderings...

Had a nice weekend up north despite getting mauled by blackflies, deer flies and horse flies.  My neck looks like its been butchered!  lol

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I feel like I'm in this life alone. I write this as I walk alone, off on my own adventure. You see, I'm at the range with J, my father in law and brother in law. Why I can I have no clue because they're just doing their own thing. I'm just really frustrated at everything Im told I am.. Or not. 

It breaks my fucking heart... 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Have I mentioned that I'm so excited to go camping at the end of the month?!?!  We're going on our 5th wedding anniversary, packing up the furkids and getting the hell out of dodge for the long weekend.  I have an extra day on the Friday that I booked off so it won't seem like we're only going up north for a split second then coming back home in a blink.  We'll be heading up on the Friday and coming back the Monday.  Failing crazy weather, it's going to be fabulous.  I do hope that the bugs aren't crazy, they always, always go for me.  I'm also hoping that I can get the dogs in to the groomers beforehand because if I let their hair grow the next couple of weeks and then I take them camping, they're going to schlep half the forest back with them in their Rasta unkempt curly 'fro's.  Been there, done that.  Last time we took them camping, I think I was in the shower for almost an hour with the two of them, which is insane since I've got their bath's down to an art form - in and out in 5 minutes, DONE. BAM! 

Looking forward to it though.... Relaxation, nature, millions and trillions of stars, having the boys sleep in the tent with us, the dogs digging their infamous trenches... Can't wait :)

Have a wonderful evening my friends xo

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend - came and gone.....

Had a nice weekend apart from falling ill on Saturday out of the blue.  As a result, we had to forego a friend's father's memorial that we were looking forward to.  Dang it!  Sunday's weather was inspiring so we went down to Woofstock, I think it's the largest outdoor dog festival in North America.  We took the dogs over to my mom's before so she could get some face time in as she'd been missing them.  *side note: they've been sleeping since the moment they rolled through the door last night, back at home - always on the go at Nana's house, they are*

Jeff is home sick today, which makes me wonder if we just had a brief stomach bug.... It's grey and spring like AGAIN here, we haven't had nice summer temperatures SUNNY days much this year.  Oh well, I supposed it's better than 40 degrees with humidex and melting.

Just a quick little update. Sending my best wishes to everyone :) Peace!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post Holiday Blues and lots of pics!!

So here are just some of the pictures I took while away on vacation. It'll have been a week tonight that I've been back and it feels like MONTHS ago already ... I may have taken more pictures than I had but it helps when you take the charger that reads Fuji instead of Canon, the charger for our SLR.  Oh well. And there you have it... My 9 days in paradise and I can't wait until the next time.....
I'd have to say that my favourite part of the entire trip was out on the catamaran and swimming in the ocean with the turtles.  It's just so serene in the water with them... I also can't wait to dive again!!!!!!!! 

The view from our penthouse 2 bedroom suite 

One of the four sweet kitties that a bunch of us at the hotel adopted and fed daily... The stray population is high in Barbados.... 
Mom and I out for dinner at a Mexican place in the St. Lawrence Gap

The kittens using the water toys as their playground lol

This is taken up at Crane Beach. Beautiful beach but really rough out in the water and windy.

Dead giveaway that this is taken early in the trip: me, glowing white. I got a bad burn here this day even despite the overcast and rain.

So to get these amazing shots on the point and of the water, you had to climb up this rock face. Well, it was much easier on the way home then back down. Just at the bottom my foot sliced on a rock and got the bottom of my foot pretty good. Oh and not two nights later I got my finger on a door latch. I'm such a putz!!

This lady was hitting up every man on the boat. lol

Lizzie, Me, Mom, Aunt Mary and Sharon


Horrible form I know but it's hard doing ANY yoga poses on the beach!!!

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