Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Have I mentioned that I'm so excited to go camping at the end of the month?!?!  We're going on our 5th wedding anniversary, packing up the furkids and getting the hell out of dodge for the long weekend.  I have an extra day on the Friday that I booked off so it won't seem like we're only going up north for a split second then coming back home in a blink.  We'll be heading up on the Friday and coming back the Monday.  Failing crazy weather, it's going to be fabulous.  I do hope that the bugs aren't crazy, they always, always go for me.  I'm also hoping that I can get the dogs in to the groomers beforehand because if I let their hair grow the next couple of weeks and then I take them camping, they're going to schlep half the forest back with them in their Rasta unkempt curly 'fro's.  Been there, done that.  Last time we took them camping, I think I was in the shower for almost an hour with the two of them, which is insane since I've got their bath's down to an art form - in and out in 5 minutes, DONE. BAM! 

Looking forward to it though.... Relaxation, nature, millions and trillions of stars, having the boys sleep in the tent with us, the dogs digging their infamous trenches... Can't wait :)

Have a wonderful evening my friends xo

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