Friday, May 30, 2014

Have a great weekend! The Ride for Heart is this Sunday!!

UGH!  What a long week it has been.

Just about to get off the train but thought I'd update quickly. 

Tonight I'm getting together with the bridal party of the wedding I'm in in August. Tomorrow I think I'm just chillin taking it easy. Sunday is the big day - the Ride for Heart 50 km bike ride I'm doing!!! Can't wait! 

So here's to a beautiful and fabulous weekend ;) 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wow, looks like I'm averaging one post a week... LAME-O! Been so busy lately!

So I spent most of my weekend doing dog walks/pet visits to homes Friday night through Sunday.  Saturday night, though, I did find some time to go to the new park that we've now frequented two or three times now.  The boys really like it there and man oh man, do they ever come home tired.  They run and run to their heart's content. :)
Sunday afternoon, I was able to squeeze in going to Woofstock, the largest dog festival in North America.  It was at a new location this year and it was a GORGEOUS day for it. 
All in all, it was a beautiful and nice weekend :)
Below, here is Lily, whom I've posted pictures of before.  That's Baxter's lady friend.

Here starts the pics of my dog walks/pet visit appointments. 
This is Mocha, she's a darling.

  Here is my boss' 7 or 8 month old Black Labrador Retriever, Ben.  I'm like a big sister to him that he likes to play rough with. 

 Selfie-time and then Me and Kody, throwing me a paw :)

 Enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather last weekend and here's Mr. Kody.  Isn't he gorgeous?
Quincy :)
Abbey and Cooper.  Cooper would carry around these massive stuffies in his mouth, he was so adorable.

Dog park - can't see much but those white dots, they're the dogs :)




 My little lounger, sun-baby, Charlie, out on the patio :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I find become sparse as one gets older and wiser. At least that has been my experience. I'm always good enough when you need a shoulder to cry on or need some uplifting encouragement or inspirational words, but I'm always, always left wondering where the fuck these so-called friends are when I need them. A couple of friendships have, apparently not surprisingly, bit the dust and while it initially upset me and frustrated/pissed me off, now looking back and having some time to reflect, I just really don't give a fuck. Why is it tht in friendships that I most often invest more energy then is reciprocated? It's just fucking disappointing, that's all. 
And least of all this is prime example why women just downright suck. Or most I should say. 
I can't control what every person says or does, only myself, even though at times that would be nice.

Friday, May 23, 2014

TGIF and picture dump....

Holy Christ it's been a busy week. I'll let the pictures do the explaining... New dress, dog visits last weekend (helping out because it was a long weekend and really, really busy), the dogs, dog park and I'm sure I'm missing something bc the mobile Blogger app sucks donkey!!!

More later this weekend, stay tuned xo



Birthday Boy Charlie - 7 years old (!!)

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