Our Fur-kids

Alright, here's where I go crazy and post a TON of our dog pictures....

One thing is clear from my blog is that I love these two little fur balls like crazy.  CRAZY!! I've often said that dogs are better than most humans and I really believe that.  They ask for so little and give so much.

I can never imagine a home I'm in without pets, they really make it a home. :) 

Charlie was born May 23, 2007 and Baxter January 15, 2008.  They both share the same mother and father, but they are one litter apart.  We picked up Charlie in July 2007 and Baxter in March 2008.  So when we got  Baxter, Charlie was just 10 months old and I honestly can't imagine what kind of dog he would have been on his own without adding his brother to the mix.  They are so, so sweet together and yes, they have their moments, but Charlie dotes over Baxter like a mother does her puppies and in turn, Baxter throws himself at his brother so that he can be loved on and doted on, it really is a sweet dynamic.  They are similar yet so different from the other.  Charlie is the extrovert that will love on anyone that shows him attention or affection.  Baxter is the kind of dog that likes to hang back and assess you before he feels comfortable getting pet and affection.  Baxter has his favourites most definitely and it can take awhile him warming up to you but when he does, it's really really beautiful.  He's just a really sweet, loving dog but it requires him time to warm up and for you to gain his trust.

So, without going on and on and on (even more than I already have lol ), I hereby dedicate this space to my two Bichon babies, Charles Xavier and Baxter Burgundy.

November 2014

Yep, that's about right. LOL

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