~Our Wedding Day~

~ June 28, 2012 ~
Finally, our wedding day had arrived.  After having planned the wedding for the preceding 16 months (I had a blast planning it, btw, totally up my alley with my love for detail and being slightly OCD),  it was nice to finally see all the details and just everything come together that morning. 

From the get go, I decided to make a Binder full of inspiration, complete with ideas, wishes and dream wedding décor.  That morning, all of my ideas that I had tucked away into this sacred Binder for months and month finally leapt off the page and everything was just beautiful and perfect.
We chose not to have our wedding too formal (i.e. Black tie), that's just not us. After Jeff proposed on March 17, 2007, we started looking at venues right off the hop and we immediately fell in love with the first place we went to, offset from the road, hidden away behind a hill.  It was originally a fox/hunt club years ago but because of urban development and the loss of land (and hunting), it was now an equestrian centre and banquet hall.  Really, it was a hidden gem just off one of the major roads in my hometown.  It was so close to home that we even took a cab (classy right? LOL we didn't want to spend hundreds for just a couple of minutes in a swanky car) home and walked 10 minutes down the road from the convenient store where we were dropped off.  Jeff, of course, was dressed to the nines in his suit but I was smart and changed out of my dress at Waterstone before we left to head home. 

Everything was just so magical and special on the day, it was just nice to be on display for everyone and professing our love and devotion to one another to all in attendance. 

You see, I met Jeff when I was 18 at a house party... I was trying to play it cool and coy, he offered me a smoke and I refused and I claim to this day that he ignored me the rest of that night and that it was I that made the first move.  It is something we continue to argue about to this day *l* made the first move, dammit! ... Nevertheless, I met Jeff through a friend of ours' sister.  Since meeting that first night on March 15, 2002, the following four days we were  just inseparable.  Like all relationships, he has the ability to drive me nuts on the bestest of days but I really can't imagine my life without him in it.  He is my rock, my support, my best friend and the love of my life that has loved me and continues to love me every single day despite me being a basket case and slightly neurotic.  Through thick and thin, and good and bad, he's been there, refusing to give up on me.  I love him dearly and I really don't think he knows just how much he means to me.

We had our two boys, Charlie and Baxter, in the wedding.  This was important to us because they are a part of our family and we just adore them, as does anyone that meets them, so a dear friend of mine put together satin tuxedos with little bow-ties and a jewel in the middle and they handsomely walked my Mom down the aisle :) 
Here is a picture of both of our wedding bands.. Jeff is on his second wedding band.  His first one was stolen at work (he took it off to wash his hand, inadvertently left it on the counter and returned moments later and it was gone).  His second band no longer fits due to a hand/finger injury that he had at work.....He has since gotten himself a cheap one but we'll get him something nice soon I hope.

This picture is one of my favourite shots... From tromping around in a mustard field to getting muddy, to getting photographs taken against a fire red ant hill and then breaking out in hives... Priceless.  It was certainly a day I'll never forget.  I remember when it was over and I said, "so that's it?!!? All that planning and it's over?"  It was such a beautiful day though. :)

Havana... on our honeymoon... I would post more but most of the pictures are inappropriate. lol
Miscellaneous pictures of us:



  1. What beautiful photos! Such a magical day!

    God bless,
    xo, Claire


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