Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Had a third session with the massage therapist today and my shoulder/arm/wrist is starting to feel better.  The two knots in my shoulder and shoulder blade are pretty big though, those are going to take some time, exercise and better posture.  I used to do modeling and dance and I know posture is everything but dammit it feels good to slack.  Just have to tell my back muscles to supercede the pectoral muscles that always want to win and thus the slump forward, bad posture.

Oh well.  See, I write this blog because often I like to write down my thoughts just for my own sake. Funny, got a "Gay" comment yesterday which I find amusing. Really, then don't read it, Mmmhmm?

Tomorrow, going to Buffalo to do some shopping with Tera. Wooooo!

19 days until our European getaway.  Going to miss the two boys though, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.....I know, they'll be in good hands but still, ya know?

They kids are going for a sleepover at my Mom's house tonight so that means tomorrow night when I go and fetch them, they'll be nice and wiped out from all the happenings over there. :)

Have a good remainder of the weekend. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, hello again. It's been awhile since I wrote.

Left my old job approximately 3-4 wks ago, then had a week off in between and then started at my new place last Monday.  It's so much different than what I've been used to for the last almost 5 years. It's a refreshing change and I feel like I'm actually using my brain again.  I could certainly get used to this. :)

Yesterday we did our boat tour of the harbour with the TPS marine unit and holy shit that was so much fun. A 600 hp oversized zodiak.  It was devine.  :)  We're going to bid on that again if another package comes up at the St. John's Ambulance Silent Auction in September.

Not much longer for Europe.  I believe we're at 32 days left or exactly 1 month tomorrow until we head out.  That is coming much faster than I thought it would.  We still need to purchase some more Euro's and Pounds...not too many pounds though. 

Ran some errands with Jeff this afternoon and got our grocery shopping out of the way.  Went to Costco and bought a shit ton of meat for the next few weeks.  It's certainly different coming home 80% of the week to Jeff having made dinner.  I get in the door now at 6:30 which isn't the greatest but I'm not complaining.  It works for now.  I'll definitely want to play with my work hours in the near future...Maybe change them in the winter.  I am also on probation at work until October 5th so I have to do it most certainly after that.

Other than that, been battling a cold that just won't go away and it's rather annoying.  I gave it to Jeff after about 5 days, he didn't make out unscathed.

Anyways, that's all for now :) Ta-ta!
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