Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post Holiday Blues and lots of pics!!

So here are just some of the pictures I took while away on vacation. It'll have been a week tonight that I've been back and it feels like MONTHS ago already ... I may have taken more pictures than I had but it helps when you take the charger that reads Fuji instead of Canon, the charger for our SLR.  Oh well. And there you have it... My 9 days in paradise and I can't wait until the next time.....
I'd have to say that my favourite part of the entire trip was out on the catamaran and swimming in the ocean with the turtles.  It's just so serene in the water with them... I also can't wait to dive again!!!!!!!! 

The view from our penthouse 2 bedroom suite 

One of the four sweet kitties that a bunch of us at the hotel adopted and fed daily... The stray population is high in Barbados.... 
Mom and I out for dinner at a Mexican place in the St. Lawrence Gap

The kittens using the water toys as their playground lol

This is taken up at Crane Beach. Beautiful beach but really rough out in the water and windy.

Dead giveaway that this is taken early in the trip: me, glowing white. I got a bad burn here this day even despite the overcast and rain.

So to get these amazing shots on the point and of the water, you had to climb up this rock face. Well, it was much easier on the way home then back down. Just at the bottom my foot sliced on a rock and got the bottom of my foot pretty good. Oh and not two nights later I got my finger on a door latch. I'm such a putz!!

This lady was hitting up every man on the boat. lol

Lizzie, Me, Mom, Aunt Mary and Sharon


Horrible form I know but it's hard doing ANY yoga poses on the beach!!!


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