Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back to the Real World

All good things must come to an end......... And so it goes, I'm back from beautiful Barbados, sunburn and all and of course, a TON more freckles, which, as a ginger, is to be expected. 

I had a really great time down south, I basically did a lot of relaxing by the pool, walking on the beach, some dips in the ocean (it was windy and quite rough most of the time there), I adopted a family of kitties (one Momma, her four kittens and what we think was the father) that we fed daily.. they were just way too cute.  We went out on a catamaran last Wednesday and I met up with a really nice couple from NYC and we all exchanged information before parting ways.  We went shopping in Bridgetown as well and I got some pretty dresses and souvenirs for a few people back home.

I did Facetime home using my mom's IPod as I didn't take my IPhone down with me.  That was pretty cool.  Talking to Jeff daily didn't really feel like I left him for very long at all, either and I think that helped in us not missing each other too, too much.

I haven't uploaded any pictures as yet but I'll be working on that in the next couple of days...

Until then....

Oh and I've decided that reality sucks!  I mean the coming back to work after it all sucks.  Leaves me longing for next time.... Sigh.


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