Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013

One thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is that I cannot get over the sheer amount of people online and on Instagram that are posting incorrect information, or if yoga-related, posting instructional posts about asanas and they're being done INCORRECTLY.  Like, if you're not a certified yoga teacher or you're just beginning, leave the instructions to the professionals with experience.  People can REALLY fucking hurt themselves and posting pictures of you doing the poses where potentially others can see, could be detrimental. Having said that, you should also know when to pause and take it easy and know your own body, but my goodness, in the day in age where social media is rampant, everyone has a tip or is professional.

Also, another thing on my mind lately and maybe I'm getting old, I don't know.  But what's up with all the ridiculously drunk-bloggers that constantly post about their drunken escapades day in and day out.  Sure, I did my fair share of binge drinking, albeit most before I turned legal age, but to chronicle your life depicting it as an alcohol is by no means attractive or cute.  I try not to be judgmental but those are my observations.  I try not to compare myself to others but I just don't get some people.. And fair enough, that's fine, I'm not always going to "get" everyone or be on the same page as everyone else, but... I dunno, just some observations as of lately.

And so it's Friday.  Woo!  This weekend should be beautiful out so I'm thinking of heading to the farmer's market tomorrow morning to see what some of the locals have for sale.  I also have to give my filthy pups a bath, but not before I take them to the dog park. I also have to go through my closet and donate some stuff to Goodwill.  Also have to think about packing or at the very least, make a list of things I'm going to take to Barbados with me, which is TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!! *insert happy dance*  I've already started a small pile but I don't want the pile to grow and grow and all of a sudden it's taken over my side of the bed.  I need to get some soil this weekend to so I can try my hand at growing some garlic. 

New shoes, new dress... feeling fabulous :)  I look like such a goof.  God!! lol

Have a splendid weekend! xox

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