Monday, June 24, 2013

My weekend and I'm already looking forward to camping this Friday!

My little sun worshipper..No matter how hot or humid it is, he LOOOOVES the sun. :)
Found this on Friday, it was Take your Pet to Work Day... Sadly I couldn't bring my babies in... This, I thought, was funny though. :)

Nothing quite like a puddle of Goldendoodle puppy, this is Tucker. :)

I love me some open mouth puppy kisses. lol

DELISH dinner I made on Saturday night

Picked up Junior on Sunday and took him home to see his pet parents :) Doesn't he look happy??

Kody and Zoey - Lovely dogs :)

Murphy - he's like Tiger, the way he bounces and he's got the brightest eyes you've ever seen :)

This weekend was my petsitting/dog walking weekend and quite honestly, it wasn't that busy at all.  Both days I was finished around 3 pm, which never ever happens.  Usually my last visits are in between 9 and 10 pm, so it was nice in that sense this weekend.  I had zero cats, just dogs, which was just fine by me.  Ranging from a Jack Russell, a Chihuahua, Goldendoodles, a Labradoodle, a mutt, a Yorkie, a Golden Retriever mix, a Schnauzer.. It was just as well being a non-busy weekend especially given with the humidity.  Yesterday was a scorcher!  By 10 am it was almost unbearable!!
We're going camping this Friday and I can't wait!!! :)  Boys are getting a hair cut at the groomers today so they'll be nice and cooler for the summer.  Getting groomed just so they can get filthy dirty this coming weekend.  Nice :)

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