Thursday, July 4, 2013

Canada Day Weekend and Fifth Anniversary..

I had last Friday off so that we could go up north camping for our anniversary but also for the Canada Day long weekend, which fell on Monday (this past).  We set out at a decent time, drove up and mid-way, I was chomping on a Reisen and lo and behold, my crown comes off my molar.  Thank the heavens above but I didn't swallow the small fortune of gold.

We had great weather, the bugs were awful though, which was to be expected.  Bug spray did not work at all to fend off those bastards, which meant that there was constant scratching and swatting all weekend long.  Saturday was a bit over cast so we went for a drive to a few suspension bridges which was nice.  Sunday was HOT and we took the dogs to the lake twice in two hours.  Of course my little sissy pants' dogs won't go in on their own like a Lab or Retriever will so Mommy has to go in and coax them in.  Coax is a loose term for picking them up and taking them in the water and putting them into said water. LOL.  It cooled them down a lot though, that's all that mattered.  Oh and I forgot to mention that I woke up with a fat lip - a bloody allergic reaction.  It lasted for about 16 hours and Benadryl eventually took the swelling down. 

Sunday morning Jeff woke up with a swollen lip. He had been bitten, by what we think was a spider over night.  Frankly, I'm glad it got him then the dogs.  I can't imagine how they would have reacted to the same bite.  We decided that we weren't going to stay that night and would leave after we had our steak dinner.  So, we packed up leisurely as the day went on and by the time we finished our steak, we were ready to head out and so we did.. And the dogs slept the entire way home. 

Monday, first thing, I got up and gave the dogs a bath.  Surprisingly, they didn't get too dirty this time around.  Having said that, Charlie on Friday afternoon rubbed himself in the dirt to alleviate some bug bites and itchy skin.  Smart pup.  And of course, he dug his ever famous trenches in a few different spots over the camp site.  One of which that Jeff posted a video of on Instagram which is HILARIOUS! We ended up just being lazy, unpacked a bit, and then we hit up the Main Street Canada Day Festival... Way too many people!  It ended up being a nice weekend afterall.

Jeff is heading up north tonight until Sunday for some shooting comps.  Alex is officially coming back home from out west, which we couldn't be more ecstatic about!! He's already en route and making his way across Canada.  He'll be staying with us for 3 or 4 weeks, which we don't mind.  We've missed the guy.

Anyways, that's all for now.   Cheers and have a great afternoon and to those U.S. readers, Happy Fourth of July my friends xo!!

En route camping Friday morning!

This is my swollen lip after already having taken Benadryl hours before...

Pretty, no?

A mix of pictures from the weekend.  The lower right picture is Charlie out cold, heading home on Sunday night.

Having a moment Tuesday morning before work with Baxter.  He's just SO tired!  Poor fella lol

We ARE awesome!! Goofballs that is lol

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