Friday, July 12, 2013

Well well, it is Friday.  One of the longest weeks ever!  Tuesday I didn't go into work because I just didn't feel like getting stuck on transit or the delays and I just didn't want to deal with the aftermath of the Toronto "flood" or monsoon what many are calling it.  The rain accumulated ridiculously quickly, that's why it was so bad.  One commuter train that heads north parallel to my train but further east was under water up past the doors and just below the seats on the bottom levels of the train.  Toronto Marine Unit needed to come rescue 1,400 people!! Can you bloody imagine? And then to boot, there was a god damn snake on the train that had come in from the flood waters.  That right there would have made me freak the fuck out and completely lose my cool.  One man described the snake as friendly.  Uhhhhhhh? lol  Anyways.

Tuesday night was my first night not doing karma exchange at the yoga studio, which was a pleasant change from the usual Tuesday norm for the last year.  Instead, we were to meet my mom and step dad for Mexican food, only to find out the place was closed.... Grr.  We were so looking forward to Mexican that night... Instead we went to a pub and it was nothing spectacular. 

Wednesday night was spent packing up things to take over to my mom's and I went to visit her a bit that night as well. 

Thursday, moving in day to my mom's.  She was off to Cuba with her hubby for a week and we are house/dog sitting at her place for a week.  Jeff went back home last night because he had a Costco run to do today and I'll be seeing him after work.

Sunday we're going to Center Island.  There's an India Festival there and along with that, free YOGA :)  So I'm dragging Jeff there, along with Bruce and Greg and meeting my friend Marah there too.

Enjoy the weekend. :)

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