Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday morning....

So the past few months, I've been making better decisions about some of the food that we're eating.  These days, I'll only buy organic fruits and veggies (and they do taste better than non-organic IMO) and I'm trying to buy products that are either natural, green or healthier alternatives to things I used to buy.  I'm trying to stay away from foods and products that have lists of ingredients longer than my arm or ingredients that I have no idea what they are or even how to pronounce them.  Along with this, I'm buying natural products for the dogs and ideally in the next couple of months (after I justify the new bag of dog food that I just bought this week - having said that, it's not a shitty quality food but it could always, always be better), I want to transition to feeding the dogs a probiotic supplement, fish, coconut oil, honey and a massive assortment of vegetables, basically a meal that you and I could eat.  I'm kind of sick of feeding them commercial dog food because frankly what the hell is it?  It's little pieces of kibble of crap and all the nutrients have been baked out of them.  I mean, something has to be said for the food that keeps for months and months and months.  AKA a ton of preservatives in it.  I want them to also live long lives with Jeff and I.

Having said all this, another thing that I've been super excited about is that I've 95% got Jeff on the cross fit train.  He needs to get himself into better shape, not only just for himself and his own self esteem but I don't want him to die at a young age or have a heart attack. Life is far too short and I want him to be around for a long time not just a good time.  So, I talked to Jeff about starting a cross fit program and he seems pretty interested and as stoked about it as I am for him... So it's just a matter of getting him in there.  I'm excited for the future *smiles*

This morning I walked over to the farmers market to get some produce.  I walked back home and minutes later, my mom and step-dad were here to pick me up to go strawberry picking, which you can see from below, we picked lots.  An abundance of good, healthy food today.  Not included in the food picture is the rhubarb I also got and the local cooking onions.  In addition to the strawberries, I also picked a few raspberries while I was at the field.

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