Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Recap and Pictures, of course :)

So I have a bit of a confession here, pssst: I blow off seeing friends or going out for lunches with people because... I love and need to go to the gym.  That's how dedicated I am. Or lame, however you want to look at it.  LOL  Speaking of working out, I just got back from a yoga class outdoors in 36 degrees weather.  Man was it hot!

Moving on, we have a friend staying with us at the moment.  He got into town last Thursday after having drove all the way from BC.  Nice to have him home, he's been gone from Ontario for about a year now and he's finally back which is awesome.  This Saturday, as a matter of fact, we're heading up to his parents' place to go boating in the afternoon and then see his mom in some play she's acting in.  Saturday morning the boys are going swimming in the pool.  Dock diving not quite, but more like confidence building in the pool.  Sunday is a BBQ at my mom's place, her annual get together with some friends and family.

Looks like Jeff just got some baseball tickets so I'll be meeting him, Alex and a fourth person downtown after work on Friday.  Sweet! :)

That's all, I'm really scattered today so forgive me.  Light, love and happiness

"I'M watching YOU"

A pic of Toronto skyline from the Island a couple of weeks ago

Miss Sophie

1 of 4 kittens I looked after this past weekend

The ever so shy, Max

Miss Chloe :)

It's FILOU :)  Happy boy

Horse TEEF!

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Mr. Mittens

this little girl was my shadow all weekend :)

My new horse friend :)

This kitty's name is Nuca and he LOVED going outside on a leash, just like a dog it was so adorable.

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