Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My weekend up north (tons of pics!)

To recap the weekend, I booked Friday off from work weeks ago when Jeff asked me if I wanted to come up to his parents house the weekend of the shooting competition but his brother this time was going to bring his sorta-kinda-not really girlfriend or lady friend.  We were going to leave on Thursday night, having sorta packed on Wednesday night and then the last of it on Thursday after we got home from work.  But the night flew by and by the time we were in the car and ready to go, the weather took a turn and it was nasty out.  So both Jeff and I said at the same time practically, not even 10 minutes after leaving, that we should turn around and head out early in the morning.  So we did just that.  Friday morning came along, got up, had breakfast and left around 10 ish or so.  Loaded up the car with a few things, the dogs, grabbed coffee and off we were.

The night before - they were ready to go but the weather wasn't co-operating.

My co-pilot, Charlie.

The kids, in the backseat just waiting to get up north to the fresh air.
Below are pictures taken just before arriving at the house.  Love all the pretty fall colours, although up here, many of the leaves have already fallen and many trees are pretty barren.

And then it began lightly snowing on Friday night... The boys were excited about this.  I was not.  Lol I hate the cold, FYI
We discovered somewhere along the way that Jeff's brother's kinda-sorta-not really gf wasn't coming along, so it was just Jeff, his brother and I (and the dogs for the weekend, which was fine but man, Jeff's brother left everything til the last minute when everything had been planned weeks ago, but I digress. Whatever.).  So during the days, I would be by myself, which was fine.  The dogs would occupy my time, I could take them outside off-leash, or on walks, I could cook dinner or rather check on the slow-cook ribs and chicken in the oven that was in for 8 hours (!!).  But the way the weather turned out and no RSVP list for the gun club meant that no one showed up, so the boys came home relatively early.  Had a really yummy dinner and enjoyed the evening with the guys.  Sunday's match was cancelled but Jeff and his brother wanted to go to the club in case someone showed up that hadn't received the email so they did just that and left around 8 am.  I cleaned up the rest of the day, watched tv and packed up awaiting their arrival back in the afternoon to head back home.  And from here, I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Saturday morning, early.
Hmmm. How'd we get up on the table, guys?  I swear these dogs are part cat.

Curled up in a ball, Baxter :)

Where's Charlie!?! LOL Poor fella is just tanked

Can't you just tell how exhausted this fella is just looking at his sweet face?  So sweet :)

Failing to get a picture of the both of us so the face is a face is disdain and disappointment lol
Uh oh, there goes a teddy. LOL
The End.  We went home and all's well.  It's been a great week thus far.  I can't believe that in 12 days I'm going to be 30 years old *AHHHHHHH*
- L

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