Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend, Rants of the Moment and Pet Pictures

Ugh after working ALL weekend, he tells me he's tired and taking the day off.  Not only does he work a 4-day work week anyways, this week is shortened because of Thanksgiving yesterday and then in addition, today.  So a whopping 2 day work week.  I work ALL bloody weekend and you're tired? Puh-lease.  Give me a break.  And giving me attitude about it like it's my fault.  Yeah, you can go fuck your hat.  Next.

Next rant, then I'll shut up.  Why the fuck do people complain and complain about shit but don't take ANY steps to rectify or fix it.  Story of my fucking life at work, I think everyone has the mentality that "someone else will do" shit.  It's horse shit and I'm just really tired of people being lazy and not being proactive and passing it off to the next person.  Every work place you get lazy ass people or people that pass the buck, because it's beneath them.  Okay, I'm done and I feel better about life now. LOL

I just got back from the gym, the weight lifting hour class and I needed it.  I walked all weekend with my dog visits and I was off on Friday (which I intended on going to the gym but never made it *frowny face*), but it's just not the same as going to the gym.  I met some amazing, lovely new animals that I never had the chance to previously meet and a few of them stole my heart.  In particular, a 9 year old German Sheppard.  Poor girl's back end is failing her but she tries so, SO hard to get around and even to play with her over-sized sticks.  *smiles*  I didn't rush my visits with her, it was all on her own time, I just couldn't rush her knowing that she was struggling even though I was helping her while I was at her house for several visits a day.  Thankfully, Audi's (the dog's name) mom will be home tomorrow and I'm sure she'll be overjoyed to be reunited with her.  And vice versa.  Despite being crazy busy this long weekend, I was able to squeeze in a dinner over at my mom's house yesterday evening in between the bed time (and last) visits.  It was delish and I definitely had a food belly afterwards. LOL Man I love food! That's why I go to the gym, to eat all the yummy food this world has to offer.  Oh and not to look 500 lbs whilst doing so.  :)

So let's let the pictures speak for themselves.  Enjoy.


My first Border Terrier

I actually walked TWO Rhodesian Ridgebacks this weekend and it was awesome.  One of my fave breeds.  Both dogs were polar opposites.  One was a bit younger, still very much a puppy and prey driven.  The second one was much more calm, listened to direction, etc.  Both beautiful, handsome boys. :)


The ever so happy, Bandit

Bugsy lol

This guy, George and Chester, just above, the second Ridgeback, were a delight to care for.  Big, happy lugs :)

P.S. Blogger sucks on the best of days and fucks up the spacing... Grrr!

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