Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well hello there kids, it’s HUMP day!

And this week, for me (us), that means 4 more sleeps until my mom and step-dad get back from their 4-week trip to England aka we get to go home (!!!!!) and everything will resume to normalcy again:
  • To sit on our couches.. (such simple things, right?
  • To have things like our Henckel (sp?) knife-block (my mom has shitty knives at her place, although I know I could have brought them with us, that probably would have resulted in some missing or having a mishap myself transporting them, being the ever so graceful gal that I am lol)
  • Our OWN bed and pillows (Jeff hates my mom’s pillows, they’re like hospital pillows)
  • The dogs are going to sleep for 2 months from winding down from the excitement and literally just not settling down much because of the other two dogs and the constant shadows that I have following me from room to room (I’m never alone, which is comforting that I’m so loved but Jesus Christ, I can’t even go to the bathroom without FOUR of them in there with me seeing what’s going on LOL)..
  • It’ll be nice to have our closet back (instead of having schlepped over a ton of clothes for 4 weeks, work clothes mainly was the concern)
  • Our shower (where the hot water tank NEVER runs out)…
  • No crazy, hyper-sensitive aunt that will freak out when the internet goes down or the router freezes (she literally goes into major panic mode when the internet goes down - had an incident about this very same matter 2 weeks in that resulted in her freaking out, her being rude and then when I tell her to calm down and stop over-reacting, she cries..... Ugh it's just a mess... Not to mention her inability to help out my mother with the dogs while she's away but she has the nerve to ask my mom if she thinks my step-dad would look after her dogs next May while her and my mom go away to Barbados for two weeks.  I'm sorry but lady, you can't even, sorry scratch that, can't be bothered to look after the dogs while my mom's away.. It's such a long story and I'm not going beyond what I just wrote because it just infuriates me to no end.  She's so selfish and unappreciative of everything in life.
  • Moving along, it'll be nice to have our toaster oven back, where I can cook multiple things at once without just the oven that I've been working with at mom's. 
  • I won't have to make dog food every few days.. Not a big deal but I've got to plan it out so there's enough food and I'm not, say, out of food in the morning before work.
  • I'll get to walk back and forth to the train every morning again.. While it's been nice to drive from my mom's, the morning walk kind of wakes me up and gets me going at a godforsaken hour.
Sure, it’s nice to be at my mom’s, at the house, more space and all that good stuff, but it’s not “home” anymore.  Home is where Jeff and I are. 
Jeff took the day off tomorrow to hang with his buddy Chris that he's recently reconnected with.  Friday he's taking the two nieces to this DigiTour concert thing for YouTube people (Yeah I'm old, this doesn't interest me in the least), so I'll probably meet him after work for some grub, leave him, bus it back home to feed the dogs and what not and then meet him at the highway on his way back so he has some company there and back after the concert.  Saturday will be cleaning/packing day and schlepping shit home day.  And well, Sunday, we pick up my parents around 5'ish and then we're free!!
Anywho, that's enough for now.  I've been writing this off and on for a few hours and it's time to put an end to the babble.
Charlie is SNORNING like you wouldn't believe in this picture
Tripod Stand

Firefly or Titibahasana

Bakasana or crow/crane pose

Sweaty mess after Combat class

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