Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

So what exactly have I been up to during all this time.....

I've done a second interview at another prospective employer and I'm hoping to hear something early next week.  Had a really good feeling about this from the get-go and the second interview went smashing.  I was on a high coming out of that meeting.  It was unreal.

I took today off to make for an extra long May 2-4 weekend.  Consequently, no camping this weekend.  Jeff's parents are still away in the States so they couldn't watch J's kids in order for us to go camping for the weekend.  Plus, May 2-4 weather is always, always dicey.  Sure, it can be nice and dandy down here but factor in we're traveling 4  hours north of here...yeah you can get every weather combination.  For instance, last year we had rain, sun, wind, rain, freezing race, hail, sleet and snow and temperatures varying by 30 degrees from the peak of the day to at night.  Last year, we bailed on the second last day....We tried to tough it out but eventually left at sundown, or just beforehand.

Alex came down last night and Jeff and him went geocaching for a few hours today while I steam cleaned.  Charlie, ever so helpful that he is, was getting in my way whereas Baxter found the bedroom and went and had a nap on my pillow.  Speaking of the pups, Sir Charles turns a whopping 3 on Sunday!! My how time flies, so many precious, happy moments with my hamburger.

Urgh I went and picked up Chinese when the boys got back around I feel like shit.  Ha, serves me right I guess.

Going to read I think, so tah-tah. :)

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