Monday, May 9, 2011

So we are down to a meager TWO DAYS!  This weekend was filled with cleaning, running errands, walking the dogs, spending time with the dogs before we leave, we took my mom and step-dad out for dinner last night.  And the weather seems to be improving i.e. right on target with the seasonal temperatures and not this up and down non-sense.

Was intending on going up to Jack's to get our certification papers but he was busy so we have to do that tonight.  Oh and Nancy had her little girl yesterday, so very sweet and something she'll never forget - becomming a mom on Mother's Dad 2011. :)

Yesterday I had my aerials class and let me tell you, I've missed it and my body has too.  I'm stuff today.

Was going to go to bed at midnight last night but Jeff was reading something online and I took that as an opportunity to clean the bathroom.  I know, weird time, but cleaning doesn't necessitate a specific hour. 

We also watched Fast5 on Saturday night.  Was pretty good.  Dwayne Johnson's beefed up a lot more since we last saw him in a movie.  It also alludes to there being a 6th movie, which begs me to question, have there really been 5 Fast and Furious movies?!!?  Jeeeesus!

Anyways, got to work. Ciao!

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