Monday, June 6, 2011

I have to admit that we have a fabulous trip in May down in Barbados for 2 weeks.  Been back for a week and a half now and back to the norm. 

We ended up doing 8 dives, our 4 cert dives included.  We totally have the diving bug now, which I couldn't love more.  Tonight we're actually going out and drop over $3 grand on gear and the only thing we'll have left to get is dive weights, some tanks, a marker buoy, a reel and an SMB.  So stoked.  Oh and I guess I'll have to get myself a 7mm wetsuit so I can get my ass into the cold lakes up here this summer a bit.

Other things we did included ziplining with my mom, horseback riding, a catamaran boat trip for 5 hours, dropping my 10ft wp camera into 30 ft of water for 5 hours (and later recovered by the boat captain when we came back into the harbour, and get this - THANK YOU FUJI, it still worked!!), renting a car for a week and doing our own touring up the west and east coasts of the island, dinner out every night and trying new food (man I love and miss the flying fish down there), did some shopping and brought back a Swarovski 2-set of two sea turtles which are gorgeous.  What else? Diving on the Sunday/Monday, Thursday/Friday and Sunday.  It was so much fun and 2 weeks was perfect, nice and totally relaxing.

Things have been great since we've been back.  The best thing about coming home was the dogs, they were so bloody happy and I swear their tails didn't stop wagging for a couple of days. :)  In fact, just this Saturday I went downtown to a friend's place for the night and apparently the kids were quite depressed.  Momma doesn't usually leave for long and now since we've come back, they're super clingy (even moreso than before, if you can believe that).  Had a nice night out with Marah though and made fast friends with her black cat, Gummer, whom slept between us on Saturday night and purred until I fell asleep. 

We've already booked a camping trip up to Tea Lake with the dogs for the Canada Day long weekend, which I'm looking forward to.  The boys will too, since they have an affinity for digging trenches and generally getting mucky as hell. LOL

So naturally, we're trying to plan a trip for likely next May for 2 weeks, in which we'll do our advanced certification down there.  Thinking maybe Curacao? Or Cozumel? Or who knows, may something totally different.  We'll have to renew our passports around Christmas or just in the new year since they're set to expire in May of next year.  Nevermind, we'll have to fix Jeff's passport so that his gender says "m" and not "f" lol totally admin error.  And oddly enough, no one has said fuck all during the last 4 years we've gone to Mexico, Cuba, England, France, Amsterdam, Toronto, and now Barbados.  LOLOL!

Anyways, that's all for now... a couple of pictures but I promise more. :)

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