Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I need to write more consistently on this bad boy, sometimes I just don't have a flippin clue what to write other than what's going on with my day and what I've got planned, which is no fun whatsoever writing down a list of your schedule.

This past weekend we picked Jay up from the airport, coming back from Florida where he had been for 2 weeks with his parents and 3 kids.  Flight was delayed and by the time we ended up back at home after dropping him off, it was after 11pm.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to my mom's place for a bbq!  My uncle and his wife were there, my cousin Lisa, her boyfriend and their three kids, one of her kids' gf's, Jeff and I, Mom, Brian and about 7 dogs, 5 of which were all outside playing and begging for food.  It was such a mother f'n hot day but it was a good day nonetheless, we had a good time and the dogs were just tanked from expending all that energy and the heat.

Last night we had to go over to Mom's to the rescue to see wtf was going on with her internet connection/modem. Turns out it was on the fritz and died so another one was ordered last night.  Thank goodness for Jeff and his knacker for knowing everything.  I ended up sitting on the couch in the living room with Mom and the dogs while he was up underneath a desk with Brian breathing down his neck.  LOL.  Mom got me this awesome wedge sandals, a dress and a jacket to go with it, it's gorgeous! And they fit perfectly, everything!  I'll wear that tomorrow, I didn't want to wear that today given that I need to shave my legs. lol I know, TMI.

Tonight I hope to either go for a bike ride/rollerblade or go swimming and then after that, take the kids for a walk around the block.  That's all :)

Noah's 6th Birthday party is this weekend, we're helping Marcello and Shelly set up Friday night and then it's from 1 to 8 on Saturday, which we'll go to for a bit.  We're planning on buying the kid a small tent with a camp chair wrapped in a huge bow.  :)

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