Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some things about me.....

1.When my alarm goes off each morning, the very first thing I think is: I HAVE to go to bed earlier tonight. Same shirt, different day. Rinse, lather and repeat.

2. I have an order that I drink beverages daily. I usually have 2 cups of coffee, and then I will not drink anything else until I've drank at least 2 litres of water. Then it's a free for all.
3.I used to drink a lot of coffee when I was 15/16 and then quit for some years before I ever drank coffee again.

4.I despise red wine. I'm not fond of the tannins (sp?) or the accompanied headaches that come along with it.

5. I played out the bar scene and alcohol long before I was of legal age, that's the beauty of always being the youngest one.

6. I'm a creature of habit, nothing that I do should surprise you. Spontaneity is not my forte, I like things planned out.

7. I'm your typical fair-skinned strawberry blond with a sweet temper to go along with it. :)

8. Jeff and I dated nearly six years before we got married. He proposed at the 5 year mark. I loved every second of planning the wedding, so much so that I miss it.

9. We moved in together (I think) in 2005. Prior to that we lived at home with our parents.

10. We went to Cuba for the first time on our honeymoon.

11. When I was younger up until my early 20's, I always had multiple jobs, up to three at one point.

12. We have 2 dogs that are our "children", Charlie and Baxter.

13. I don't have any siblings. Jeff has a brother. Jeff was also adopted when he was just 2 weeks old.

14. Kids: I used to think that I didn't want any children but it's funny what happens to you as you get older. I think I'd like to have one child, that's it. I'm not asking for half a dozen or anything...

15. I have an unfounded worry that I won’t be able to have kids and I'm not really sure why.

16. On the same note, I'm terrified of getting fat or becoming like my Dad's parents. I don't think I could ever, ever let myself go and not care what I look like.

17. Nothing annoys Jeff more is when I'm negative and beating myself up. I am my own worst critic.
18. I love home renovation shows, wedding planning, photography and decorating
19. I've worked in the legal field since graduating from both college programs I was in. After having been at a large Toronto firm for five years, I threw in the towel and found something that didn't make me want to kill myself on a daily basis. I'm much happier and have been with my current employer since July 2010.

20. I quit smoking on November 13, 2011 after about12 years or so give or take of smoking. It hasn't been easy but here I am and I'm proud, dammit.

21. I've never been religious but my beliefs are that there is something out there, I'm not sure what but something or someone is or was a higher being than just us humans. I don't believe that our souls die when our bodies physically die, then just move on to another plain of existence.

22.I was born in Toronto. I've lived in 3 places since I was born. Our condo in Toronto, then Newmarket when I was 6 and then moved in with Jeff in 2006 with Jeff.

23. I never have gotten a speeding ticket or been pulled over by police. Knock on wood. I have had two car accidents though, one on the highway during rush hour where I spun out and hit the guard rail several times over. The other time was just sheer stupidity, rain and darkness.

24. If I have the financial ability to quit my job and go back to school, it would be something related to animals most definitely, whether it be dogs or big animals like elephants. Then I would try to find a job in Kenya, a country that I've never been to (but intend to in 2013/2014) but I feel that is just calling out my name. I can't explain it but I know I have a greater purpose in this life.

25. I've had stitches in my right eyebrow twice in a matter of a week (bonked heads with a little girl when I was younger when I already had stitches in), I've also had stitches in my left eye (courtesy of a great storm door who's chain was far too short and the door came lurking back at my face) and then I've had maxillofacial surgery and stitches alllllllllll over and inside my mouth.

26. I've never broken a bone in my life other than perhaps a toe.

27. I always wear the same jewellery. Same earrings in my ears forever now (all 13 of them), my wedding rings, my square ring that Jeff got me and all my other piercing jewellery.

28. I love books and pretty papers and notebooks. LOL.

29. I've had braces twice. First time around after they took them off, they noticed my jaw shifting (I also had TMJ too) so they decided to remove all my wisdoms, braces back on for another year and then jaw surgery. WOO. Fun times.

30. I'd love to have the endurance to be a runner. Plus, it's so boring.

31. Must travel locations: Maldives, Galapagos Islands, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Borneo, India, Thailand, Belize... and so many more.

32. My favorite destination: Barbados, it's such a chill island and the people are fabulous there.

33. I've had two horrible, horrible, horrific sunburns in my life, once when I was in Greece and the other was when I was in Spain. Both peeled, blistered and scabbed. And then I acquired a gazillion more freckles. Such is life. lol

34. I'm a nut job for writing things down because I fear I will forget.

35. I'm 5'9. I feel as though I was gipped in height because I was estimated at birth to be in between 5'10 and 6'2. Oh well.

36. I hate the cold only because I'm always cold to begin with. Oddly enough, I live in Canada so it's not very conducive to warmer months other than say June - September.

37. The household chore I detest the most is cleaning the toilet or laundry.

38. I would love to be a vegetarian because of my beliefs but I would either perish or die of an allergic reaction. I'd definitely need to see a dietician before I went as far as that.

39. I'm a total yoga and spiritual freak and I love every second of it because it calms the chaos in my head and soothes my oh-so-lovely temper. :)

40. I write this blog because it's good for my soul to put words down on "paper" and get it out. Bottling it all up in my head does not produce favourable outcomes.

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