Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random fact of the day about me: 142 days ago I quit smoking.  I smoked since I was 16.  Probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do my entire life.  Sad, isn't it?  For anyone that hasn't smoked, nicotine really and truly is an addiction.  Unless you've been there, you don't know the wrath it causes when you try to escape it.  It's torturous and brutal.  Every. Single. Day. I want to smoke.  But I don't.  I kind of have this mentality about it like "If I smoke once more, just once more, I'm going to get cancer or die".  For me personally, that works.  I've come so long, so far to ruin it now and I'd be so, so incredibly disapointed with myself.  So therefore, I must persevere and be strong.

This past weekend was the Yoga Conference in Toronto and Marah and I went.  I lugged a bunch of my shit downtown at the crack of dawn on Friday morning to meet Marah for a Seane Corn 6 hour detox yoga session.  We did about a 2.5 hour yoga session and then the rest was just talking.  I find it hard to sum up my time there and what Seane meant to me.  What an inspiration she is.  You walk away from the weekend just wanting to do and strive the be the best person you can and are.  I had a bit of a moment with her at the end of the day where I went up to her and shook her hand and told her that she was inspiring and that I think what's hard with me and letting go of the crap and toxicity is really just that.  Letting go.  Just being.  And forgiveness.  Just a very uplifting and positive woman to be around. 

Afterwards, we walked around til about 6 then we headed off to Marah to chill, drink some wine and eventually, we went out and got food and a movie to watch.  Ended up being a late night but had an awesome time with her, I got to have Gummer as my own personal lap cat.  He smothered me all night and I was a-okay with that. :)  Such a suck that cat, he's very much non-cat and much like a dog.  I ended up purchasing a rose gold, gold and silver ring, some notebooks, coasters, stickers and inspirational cards, and some lotus beads. 

Saturday morning came all too soon  and we were leaving her house at 7:30 am to be down for our 8 am Shakti Flow with Seane Corn.  Another great class.  Did almost the entire 2 hours worth of yoga.  Afterwards, Marah wanted to walk around more and shop (only to realise her wallet was at home, so she ran home to get that), and I wanted to do some of the workshops in the centre garden area.  So I ended up doing this therapeutic yoga session, a session with Sadie Nardini, who is WAY cool and funny and then I wrapped it up with another quick Seane session.  Totally had an amazing time there this weekend.  I decided that I was going to take the 1:10 bus home, as Marah had a 1 to 3 session. On my way out, she bought me this beautiful portable tea mug that has a difuser in the lid and then I had a rose tea with actual rose buds in it.  So incredibly thoughtful of her.  And THEN, jump forward to yesterday, I get back from a spinning class and on my chair at my desk is a Third Eye Threads tank with an ele on the front.  She totally didn't have to do that but she knew I wanted a shirt but didn't get one.  And she attached a really sweet card to it.  I love Marah because she's one of those few people that I can open up to and there's absolutely no judgment.  I can spill everything and she doesn't think I'm retarded or psycho, which I can be at times.  She and I are so alike it's scary, especially how quick we lose our shit and when we're arguing with our so's.  Great weekend.

And then to boot, I saw baby Ella this weekend too.  She's now 20 lbs of pure bliss of english bully. 

And then I guess on Sunday I had an aerial class with Alex.  Here's two pics from Erin.  Haven't uploaded the few pics I've taken but you get the gist.  I'll post those later.  I've got some pics of Seane and some of Marah and I.

Taking a picture of Erin... I usually leave the camera on the mat and take upside down pics when I can. :)

And I was holding the splits here forever, Erin's camera wasn't co-operating.  LOL.  Managed to do a left leg splits as well, which is a shocker.

Enough blabbing.  Must go to a core class then yoga.  May peace be with you always and Namaste.

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