Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Soooo....I'm stuffed from just having returned from eating dinner out with Mom, Brian, Jeff and my Aunt, Mary at some italian place.  Yummy but I feel kinda gross now. lol

I've been browsing many blogs recently and have a few that I visit on a daily basis, but my page looks so lame to some of them I've seen.  They're so nicely layout and everything, I'm jealous...Do I have to be an html pro to do this?  Any tips?  

I'm planning on updating this blog more frequently, just been slacking as of late.  In the process of trying to find better employment that pays me what I deserve to be paid.  I wish this process was quicker because it's just tearing me apart.  It really blows going into a place every day angry and just generally "not feeling it".  I've checked out...So wish me luck on finding something soon. I can't wait for a new beginning and more money won't hurt either.

The boys each had a bath this morning so they smell and look just wonderful :)  Greg just stopped by for a visit and Charlie is currently a fixture on his lap.

Anyways, have a great weekend! Cheers! :)

Oh and went to Emma's baby shower last weekend and she was adorable.  She got many great gifts, but I tell you, that kid is definitely not going to be short in the clothing department. lol

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