Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So I'm just sittin at home with Jay, Jeff and Tyler.. The girls are in Bradford at a Bridal Shower for their Godmother, Dina. 

We're heading up to Barrie shortly. Was going to put my deposit down for my dress for James and Dana's wedding but was told last night not to bother because to have them put on rush, it's an extra $25 dollars.  So lord only know wtf were going to wear now. Maybe something hoochie?  I mean, it's $25 extra, are you kidding?  Now we have even less time to find an alternative.  But that's okay, seems to be the trend here.  We're in the wedding party but seems plans have changed, so I no longer know what the heck is going on.  Will find out more today I suppose.  We're also supposed to make invitations today...100 I'm told, not sure how ambitious that is but we'll see. 

Pups are at Nana's house today with her boys.  They got groomed yesterday and they look just adorable :)  They spent the better part of last evening just lounging around.

Tomorrow morning, my plan is to go to yoga and then get groceries afterwards.  Hopefully Jeff is going up to Alliston tomorrow too.  Off Monday for an allergy test too, finally going to determine what I am and am not allergic to, finally.

Have a good weekend everyone <3:

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