Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not much of a weekend this past long wknd, Alex came down and I spent most of the weekend chillin with them, cooking or cleaning.  S'all good though.  Went to the dog park on Sunday.  Gave them a bath afterwards and they look so nice and white and smell edible.  :)  Did laundry, groceries, bought some things we needed for repairs. and Wait for it.... Monday afternoon, the ceiling fan was installed by Jeff, as was the shower curtain rod.  I had to swing over to Mom's house to get Brian's drill because it seems that Jeff's drill battery charger has gone MIA.

Looks really good, I must say.  See, that didn't take too long to do.  Well, literally no, in essence, yes.  Oh well, it's done and I couldn't be happier!!!!

I'm so glad it's a short week - I'm tired.  I wanted to get some paw prints tattoo'd on me this wknd but that never happened.  Hopefully soon :)

So I missed a few days of the daily blog crap.  Forget what the hell it's called at the moment.
Day 08 — Something I crave

At the moment, I crave nothing.  Perhaps a sandwich, my lunch maybe?  lol  Just drinking water as we speak.

Day 09 — Pet peeves

People that are completely unaware of their surroundings, people that don't move over for others when they may or may not be walking 5 people wide on a sidewalk, people that are rude.  Some funny stories from GO Transit, commuting the past 5 and a half years.  lol.

Day 10 — A photo of me taken over ten years ago

Hmm That one, I'l,l have to get back to you on that one.

Day 11 — A photo of me taken recently

This one is a self portrait taken while out snowshoeing with Jeff in January 2011.

This one was taken in my aerial silks class by my mom who decided to come and sit in on the class to see what it was all about.

Day 12 — Something I bought recently

A couple of t-shirts from Smart Set, tights, tank and sports bra from Lululemon.  Bought some things at Home Depot over the weekend too.  And Zellers, bought some glasses since our Gluckstein ones have dwindled and broke over the past 3 years.  Too bad, they were nice.

So that brings me back to current.  Can I just say that I love having Alex visit, he's one of the nicest people and one of the few of Jeff's friend's that isn't an idiot, but am I glad that I don't have to listen/watch/suffer through that many hours of Call of Duty.  Holy shit people.  :)

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