Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Man has it ever been a long week.  Feels like Friday should have come along days ago.  Work has been extremely busy, which is really good.  Guess Scuba Diving is over for the year, I was hoping that maybe this would be our last weekend but it's too chilly.  Temperatures have drastically dropped over the last few weeks and I gotta say, I'm not enjoying it one bit.

Tonight I've gotta clean a bit, since I don't want to be cleaning all weekend.  Gotta walk the dogs as well, in addition to making dinner.  We'll see if Jeff ends up coming over, I've been a zombie this entire week so we'll see aka do I feel like driving to Bradford or not, is the question.

We're having dinner at my mom's place on Sunday.  Saturday we're going to Unionville to walk around and do some geocaching.  I think Monday will be a chill day, I think I plan on making a beef stew, which should be interesting since I've never made one before.

I think next weekend is a birthday party for two girls that I know that are turning 30.  Not sure if I feel like going considering I think I only get an invitation by default of knowing them and for numbers... and possibly a gift.  These people really don't give a rat's ass about me or attempt to be what a real friend is so I dunno.

The dogs have been really good lately.  Jeff on the other hand, since we were at his brother's this past weekened, he'll start out going to bed at night and then I wake up in the morning and he's on the couch.  LOL  He loves that thing, it's hilarious.

Gonna post some pics...Really like the top one of me. Jeff took that this summer up at his parents place on their deck.  Some pics of the dogs, Jeff and I and some pics from the gorgeous Ele's at ALS.

Toodles xox!

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