Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bit of everything..

So many things.. My birthday came and went, I've had many a birthday dinner (and apparently I talk like im a grandma lol) and I've gotten sick. Ive spent the last two days at home blowing my face off, sleeping, even drinking a bit on Saturday night, and in still sick. I think I'm in the homestretch though, at least I hope. I'll be going ino work tomorrow. I'm hoping that at he very least I'll be in top form by Friday night when it comes time to go to the yoga retreat with Mares.
We ended up going to the dog park o Sunday which was nice, it was a mild day... Almost 20 out.
For now I post some iPhone pics. Most are from the dog park on Sunday, my new ele teapot and sleepy Charles. Xo

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