Friday, January 25, 2013

This week's happening's...

Alrighty then, so its Friday! Wooooo!  Which means the weekend is nearly upon us. 

To catch up:

  • I don't have cancer, which is great, however it's interesting because during all this gammut, it was never once mentioned to me that that's what they were looking into.  I also don't have endometriosis.  Also great news because that can be a bitch.  So I'm trying out some new medication to see how that goes out, I think my body is just tired of being on the same shit for nearly 14 years.  The specialist prescribed this other pill that has three times more the risk of strokes and blood clots.  Thankfully, the following day I had made an appointment with my doctor and she disagreed with her recommendation and prescribed another altogether, but one that would have the same effects they were looking to try.  Also, I have referrals to get my allergies tested again (to see if I've outgrown some of the horrible allergies I developed a couple years ago to fruits, but also I'd like to see if anything new has come up that explains why my face has flared up).  It's not just simply acne, you have acne usually for your entire life but up until 6 months ago, my face started getting red and bumpy... Totally frustrating.  Could be psoriasis, roseacea or ezcema, who knows.  Having said that, I also have a referral coming to see a dermatologist.
  • Mom gets home on Sunday, which means we'll be heading back to home sweet home in the evening after we pick her and my step-dad up.
  • Today, myself and a few women from work went for some Thai food at a local resturant to kick of Winterlicious 2013.  Was the best $15 I've spent in a long time.
  • Registered and paid for my Yoga Conference hours on the weekend of March 22nd.  I can't wait!!  Marah and I are going to mainly Sean Corne sessions, which I'm super stoked about and excited to see her lovely soul again.  Not too long to look forward to that shiz-nit.
  • Hmm what else, this weekend, taking J down to the city to a Burger place that he likes for his 36th birthday (!!) since next week I can't promise anything because it's my petsitting weekend. 
I saw this on another blog and decided to include it because it's a short, quick and easy way for people to get to know you in just a few words.....

age - 29
bed size
- Queen
chore you hate - laundry or cleaning the toilet.  F'n disgusting
dogs - yes, 2
essential start to your day - Saying "have a good day" and kiss off to work.
favorite color - any shade of blue
gold or silver - white gold
height - 5 feet 9 inches
instruments you play - I used to play the flute
job title - Legal Assistant/Law Clerk/Court and Tribunal Agent
kids - my dogs are my kids
live - Life to the fullest
married - for FIVE years this June
nicknames - Linds
overnight hospital stays - Tonsils and Adenoids, jaw surgery
pet peeve - gossip, people that lie, people with massive egos that n
righty or lefty - lefty
siblings - None
time you wake up - between 5 am and 5:30 am
university attended - None of your effing bidness.
vegetables you dislike - brussel sprouts
what makes you run late - traffic
x-rays you’ve had - dental related, an MRI on my head when they thought I had a stroke but was a massive migraine
yummy food - anything really, sour candy
zoo animal favorite - Um I don't go to zoos anymore and anyone that knows me knows that and why.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you got some good news from the doc ... I hope you start feeling better! February will be an awesome month for both of us. I can feel the change coming. :) Happy weekend friend! Give your boys a kiss from me. And Sherm.

  2. Aww thanks love, I appreciate the kind words. I didn't see this until now but it's kind of you. ;) Give that handsome laddy Sherm a big smooch for me :P


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