Monday, September 8, 2014

Currently.. And recap

Totally stealing the below from Grace.  Go read her blog, she's awesome-sauce.  Doesn't candy-coat shit and tells it how it really is.  My kind of woman, no bullshitting. :)


Currently I am...
Sitting on the train, headed home after work.

Thinking about jetting off to paradise in less than 48 hours now!!

hoping that Alex has a relaxing (and easygoing) time with the dogs while were away. 

reading... Nothing at the moment. Just finished a Stuart Woods, next up is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The trailer looks good so I want to read the book first. 

thankful for opportunities I've had and grateful for all of the experiences I've had in life, good and bad. 

dreaming of ... Hmm. Dreaming of the vastness that lurks below the water's surface and grateful to be diving again this trip.

looking forward to, hello, vacation!

missing nothing. I'll be missing the dogs in a few days :(

excited about exploring Barbados again. 


Jeff was up north from Saturday mid-morning onwards to yesterday at dinnertime.  I cleaned and packed all weekend and soaked up every last minute with the boys. I know they'll be okay with our friend staying at our place with them but of course, I always worry. And what with the petty bullshit from my wonderful neighbour, I just hope there's no issues. I know there won't be but still, I just hope she's not an asshole to Alex. Our friend Dina is moving into my moms to look after her dogs, along with her two girls, Charlie and Baxter's girlfriends. :)

Yesterday I took the boys for a walk to a local dog festival and they had a blast! Baxter made friends with a Cane Corso, Charlie made friends with everybody, as per usual. They were so hot on the way back. We had stayed just over an hour then made our way home, stopping every few hundred feet in the shade, for some rest and some agua. Boy did they have a good nap for the rest of the afternoon. Alex came by afterwards to iron out the rest of the details for when were gone. Jeff got home just after 6 and Alex stayed for dinner with us and then left later on in the evening.

Tomorrow is a new dog groomers were trying out and I know they'll look darling because my mom has already tried them out. We had a great groomer about a 20-30 minute drive away from us but truth is, I think she's over-extending herself, overworking, doesn't return messages and I cannot stand having to chase people for things. And especially as a small business owner, you'd think she's work a bit better at keeping her long time clients..even after sending her a message early last week about needing to firm up a date ASAP, nothing. Just crickets. 
It's been nearly three months since my rug rats had a cut, and they're not a mess, don't get me wrong, but I stipules by have to chase you from July 28th til the beginning of September to get a date out of you. Whatever though, just glad they'll be looking dapper tomorrow! I'll be sure to post pics :)

Have a good night! xo

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  1. Ooo I liked this post a lot - a nice little exercise involved too!

    Loving that you link us up with other bloggers - really awesome of you and I'm excited to go and check her out.

    Ooo Barbados.. Vacation.. ENVIOUS. 48 hours have definitely passed which means you are probably off enjoying life RIGHT NOW... Now I am reeeeally envious :)

    But so happy for you! Enjoy it love xx

    My instagram is theawakenedone1505 - what is yours and I will follow you too xxx


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