Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Super busy with work in the last week and a half.  I was covering two other desks while colleagues were away on vacation and only one has come back thus far.  So days where I have a moment to fuck around and write are non-existent presently, yet somehow here I am, writing now. Hmmm.

Can we please discuss how it's already September?!  Where did the summer go?  I think the hottest summer we had here was by far this past Labour Day Weekend. We intended on doing some pool work, doing safety drills for scuba diving but that didn't happen. Instead, our friends wanted to go to the zoo. I ate aside my opinions and happily went. I haven't been to the zoo since they got the pandas and the new polar cub was born. I took ZERO pictures, Jeff had the SLR and he took a million pics. It was such a hot day and there was sooooo much walking. 
Our friend Alex came to visit for the weekend so he was staying with us. Charlie definitely liked having company, this was evident in the mornings when Charlie would be quietly but excitedly sitting beside a sleeping Alex and then he'd plant a juicy kiss on his face and his work was done. Mission accomplished. Lol. Sunday I had some pet visits to do, not many though. Alex and Jeff hung out and even did a bif of shopping in the afternoon. Monday was a chill day to do nothing. We went out to do some geocaching but the weather didn't cooperate and it poured. 
I ate like shit on the weekend so I'm giving it my best effort at the gym this week. I did a double yesterday, both Shred and BodyPump. Today I did a spin class. Tomorrow I'll do two BP classes, my usual and then after work, with Tara, the friend that got married in August. Friday I get a hair trim, which will be much appreciated when were down south in 32 degree Celsius temps! Which reminds me, we leave in 7 days!!!! Perhaps I should pull luggage out?!? Lol freaking a bit out on that. Charlie and Baxter get groomed by a new place (other woman the dogs have been seeing for a couple years now is frustrating and I've been playing phone tag with her for weeks! -side note, if you're a small business owner, and you've had a devout  client for years, would it not be the polite thing to do and return messages?!? Or do I have to chase you down to give me a date I can bring the boys to see you?!

I'm not sure if I'm heading up north with the man this weekend but we'll see. There is a dog festival in my town I can go to and even take the dogs swimming, although that's unlikely since they'll both have been just groomed. My petsitting boss is a vendor at the festival so I'll visit her and it's nice and close by. And then I've just got to bide my time til I get Tuesdays work out of the way ;)


  1. I know what the hell right... September!!! Ahh.. this has by far been the faster year ever. Crazy!

    Have a beautiful weekend - I'm off to an elephant park on safari! x

  2. I need summer to stay for another 6 months or so.


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