Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Christ I'm SO behind on the Blogging Challenge but I'm going to accept it and move on.

A lot has happened over the weekend since I last wrote.  Basically, in a nut shell, someone called Animal Control on me/us. I think my wonderful neighbour, who very obviously doesn't like me for whatever stupid reason, saw Jeff and I taking all his shit for the weekend to the car on Thursday night and then saw the car drive away (it is heavily tinted so you can't always tell who's in the car) and then heard the dogs squawk at her ass on Friday and just assumed we'd left te dogs all on their own. For the weekend. Now, I'm sure you can understand just as well as I just what an idiotic thing that is to have assumed. Me, dog/animal lover to the fucking core, leave behind my dogs for more than a few hours. Are you kidding me? She clearly has no idea who or what kind of a human being I am.
A knock at my door, as I got my things ready to take the kids to my moms overnight and go to an overnight pet visit myself, which I ignored because I don't answer the door to anyone if I'm not expecting you, resulted in their business card being put under the door, to which I saw and read as I headed out. Understandably I was upset, in shock and angry. Look if you have a problem, no need to be passive aggressive and escalate shit unnecessarily. I had to get ahold of Jeff and get him to call bc I was just too upset. Turns out someone thought we left them alone for the weekend and they were barking. Yeah.... no. I was with them, two, they barked but wasn't offensive or obnoxious, so were fine there and third, they wanted municipal dog registration tags. 

In the end, all is good but my neighbour is a douche bag.

My overnight visit and subsequent visit on Saturday afternoon was, however, lovely. :)

New nails. And yes fake nails are gross, I admit. I've just had mine done since the wedding because every single one of mine broke the week before.
And a pic of Charlie for good measure :)

I found this the other day and loved it.


  1. Ugh. That's annoying. Having crappy neighbors is the worst.

    1. Definitely. And she should mind her business FFS. She has her dog offleash or the leash dragging behind it on the ground, which is effectively off leash. And to boot, her dog (offleash of course, what else?) came out of her condo unit one day as I was waiting for the elevator to take the dogs out, and came barreling towards us and I wasn't sure if he was in play mode or crazy mode so I put myself between it and my dogs and she doesn't even so much as say OOPS or sorry. Just pure silence and recoiling back into her unit as though nothing happened. She's a whack job!

  2. Wow I'm sorry to hear about your run in with the Animal Control! I'd have been SO offended - your neighbor sounds horrible. You can tell how much you love your dogs - they are gorgeous!!

    I also love love love the quote at the bottom!! Hahaha this whole ice bucket thing is strange to me - I'm all for good charity and all but seriously?? haha maybe I'm just behind the times... :\

    1. Oh my gosh, I was offended AND upset. For all the people out there that harm or neglect animals and they had someone come to MY door, what an insult!


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