Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 17 - Five Things on My Bucket List

1. Go to Kenya. Do I even need to explain why? I'd love to be able to say I've seen one Elephant in the wild before there are no more. Sad, but it's happening. Elephants are being butchered and babies are left mother-less. I just watched a video this morning of three babies that died after being rescued by DSWT and their efforts to save them.... It just brings me to my knees. So many lost souls, all because some bastard wants a ivory trinket or a symbol of status.
Please google David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Amboseli National Park and Kenya Wildlife Services. They're doing some amazing work, research and out in the field saving many orphans whose parents have been killed. 

2. Quit my corporate job downtown and do what I love - look after animals.  It's not always glamorous but its a rewarding "job" and there's nothing more that tugs at my heart when I have a happy little face excited to see me beyond the door.  As weird as it sounds, I feel most 'at home' and comfortable with animals and they are truly my happy place. 

3. Get our Advanced Open Water diving license. We were going to do while were on Barbados this September but with about 5 days worth of diving, coupled with the course and all that, it'd be about $1,700. And plus we haven't read the materials ahead of time so that would mean we have to do the class portion as well, which will tack on more time. Next trip.... We just wanted to enjoy the time but not have a tight schedule the entire 14 days.

4. Adopt a Great Dane. Such a special breed Danes are. I am head over heals in love with them. I'm particularly enamoured with Harlequins but quite honestly I'd have any colour. And while is love to get a puppy, the first year of their life can be difficult, lots of hurdles to overcome but frankly I'd like to adopt because so many are given up because people don't have a clue what life involves having these gentle giants in your life. Speaking of Danes, I get to have a sleep over on Friday night with 2 Goldens, a Golden Lab and a "fawniquin" colour Dane, the same fella I looked after a few weeks ago. Soooo excited!! :)

5. Own a house. We own a condo but not in a position to afford an astronomically priced home in the area we live. 


  1. A safari is number one on my bucket list.

    1. Mine too. I want to see it before all of the animals get wiped out...Decline in lions, elephants, rhinos..... all very sad.

  2. Oh my gosh your story about the elephants really broke my heart.
    I am going to Addo Elephant park next month (which is in South Africa) pretty close to where I stay. All the elephants are wild but are in a beautiful protected area. Open and free but protected.

    Your bucket list is so special and down-to-earth in the best way. I adored reading it as you can tell how much time and effort and thought you put into it xx

    1. You're so kind and thoughtful, you know that Jade?

      Please take many pictures when you're at Addo. I've heard of the place but don't know anyone that's been first hand. Do enjoy yourself. One thing for you to remember: it's said that if you blow your breath towards an elephant close to you or if you have their trunk in your hand, breathe softly into....It's said that elephants will never, ever forget who you are. :)
      I was going to comment on you mentioning about wanting to swim with dolphins. Darlin, please don't pay money to go swim with dolphins in sea pens or amusement parks. I did it once years ago and while it was a cool experience, knowing what I know now, I'd never support that. They drive pods of dolphins to trap them and often are separated from their families, they are starved to perform, sometimes drugged...You name it. All for the mighty dollar. Have you ever seen The Cove or read about Sea Sheppard and their activism in Taiji, Japan? The Japanese are fucking brutal to those animals, they traps hundreds, if not thousands every year and pick the cream of the crop to send to resorts, amusement parks and hotels. The others not deemed good enough are slaughtered in front of their entire families for the sale of dolphin meat.
      Anyways, I don't want to type any more about this, it's really heart breaking. Often times I' ashamed to be of the human race; man is an evil being.


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