Thursday, August 14, 2014

Farm Wedding, etc.

I've been the recipient of a few compliments as of late and they've really made my day.  One woman at the gym said it looked like I lost about 20 lbs.  Other compliments came over the weekend from the Bride and one of the fellow bridesmaids.. Both said I looked jacked and in crazy shape.  The other two compliments came from two rake thin models.... Both said I looked in amazing shape and couldn't get over it.  I was stunned to hear that out of their 6 foot tall, 100 lb mouths.  I literally don't know how to take compliments but I'm trying to be better about it.  Thanking people instead of avoidance or being modest or bashful.

And now, the Farm Wedding that I've been looking forward to now for months.  Ready for picture overload?  Okay, ready, set, GO!

Friday - Setup at the Farm


 Saturday Morning - Wedding Day

Getting ready:

The bride's inspiration for her hair


 And then here are some that I've taken from friends and saved.....
Gorgeous, right? She's not tied up in the back yet and that's me in the frame on the right. Also quite possibly the most boob-ish I've ever been lol






  1. What a gorgeous wedding and an amazing photo journal post!

    You're make-up was lovely xx


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