Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So there's this 26-day Blog Challenge that Jade is hosting and I thought, you know what, why not?  I'm getting a bit bored lately about what to write other than just chronicling what I'm doing, what I've done on such and such day or weekend. 

Here's the list of what each day's topics or discussions/pics are about:

I'll start off for day two, Tuesday, August 5th.  "What's in my makeup bag".......

So, obviously, I don't wear everything all at the same time but typically I put eyeliner and mascara on.  I feel like I look like I'm 12 years old if I don't because I have blond eyelashes and eyebrows for the most part.  Anything on my eyes makes them pop, though.  For work, I usually have eyeliner, mascara, a bit of stuff on my eyebrows and some powder.  I often wear a bit of neutral colours for eye shadow but not always.  I'm a bit of a creature of habit.  Unless I'm going somewhere or wanting to experiment, only then will I put on a bright colour or something different that catches the eye.  I've always loved make up but never been one of those with makeup that's literally caked on or you can see that they've got their "face on".

This is what I carry around with me, but I have much, much MORE makeup in a case (or several, I should say) at home.  On the upper left is Benefit Brow Zings.  It's not cheap but I shit you not, if you're not caking that stuff on, it'll last you well over a year.  Then there's Rimmel Quad eyeshadows, below that is a Loreal nail polish that I'm currently obsessed with.  MAC lipsticks (can't remember what they're called off hand as I write this but they're nude-like colours), Loreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara.  Love this stuff.  People always ask me if my eyelashes are real, to which the answer is YES.  I've never had fake eyelashes except for back in the modelling days when I used to do trade shows and conventions and they'd just cake shit all over you, it was actually quite gross.  Below that is my go-to neutral eyeshadow tones, I think I bought that brand at Rexall?  I just liked the shades.  Below that and working right to left is Physicians Formula "Mineral Tinted Moisturizer"... So I ended up buying this months ago when I had raging skin from the stupid allergic reactions I was having and my face looked wretched.  I'm not one for foundation but sometimes a girl needs some cover up and this stuff is alright.  Not great, but lets your skin breathe and that's all I cared about when I bought the sucker.  Beside that are my various liners, two liquid and one pencil.  And finally the NARS lip gloss.

And now it's Day three, Jade has already done her post, albeit because she IS in South African but I need to get on the ball. 

I had my hospital appointment this morning... FINALLY and needless to say, a bit disappointed because what I was told was nothing I hadn't heard or been told before.  And I had to insist for them to do some research and get back to me about any other similar drugs like that nightmare I was on so that in the future, I can avoid them if necessary.  Considering it was a drug reaction clinic, I was a bit pissed off that it seemed like water off a ducks bath that I had that many swelling episodes, all to do with my face and HEY! Maybe, just maybe I'm a bit concerned that should this shit ever happen again, it'll be WORSE than my previous episodes.  Swelling episodes typically are worse each time around.  Whatever, frankly I just want to forget this ever happened.  It was so traumatic and upsetting, not to mention frustrating and annoying. 

On a happy note, my friend Tara's wedding is just 3 days away!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!

And a few pics from the weekend.  I haven't been snapping pictures as much as I used to....

At the range with Jeff and my father in law.

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  1. Ahh yay I am SO happy that you are joining in on the fun!
    I have to admit, I'm incredibly envious of your make-up! You've got some great brands there!!
    Sorry to hear about the drug reaction clinic... I hope you can get somewhere for second / third and fourth opinions!

    Really loved this post and enjoyed your writing. Looking forward to getting to know more about you!!

    I'll be posting Day 5's post later on today which I am a bit nervous about as I think mine may be a tad TOO out there...... so I'm waiting right till the end of the day so I can publish day 6 pretty much straight after hahahaha

    Please send me all the links to the posts you do! Love it!! xxxx


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