Monday, February 27, 2012

So what is new?  Yesterday it was a beautiful day out so I decided that it might be nice to get the dogs out and about at the dog park.  So I made breakfast and then went out and got Bruce.  Came back to our place for abit then headed out to Bradford so the pups could have a romp at the park in the snow.  Dina called and said she'd meet us there because she said she felt like a bad parent for having hurt her back and neglecting Lily a bit.  Well the boys had a blast running around like little idiots to the heart's content.  Charlie had a discussion with a westie/bichon mix.  They were all about telling the other one off.  It was pretty funny.  Then afterwards, we went out to Walmart and then back to our place for the afternoon.  The boys slept much of the rest of the day away.  I made this yummy slow cooker pot roast with veggies and some butter/garlic/and spices mix into potatoes.

This coming Saturday Jeff completes his day 1 of 2 for his restricted and unrestricted firearms license.  I get a day to myself with the boys which means I'll be watching the boob tube and a bunch of shit that Jeff doesn't like on TV.  We also get rid of cable next Wednesday or Thursday.  We'll be saving a mad amount of money per year and we're getting a new internet connection with unlimited data!!!!!  So we'll be downloading pretty much everything or watching it streaming.  Woo.  Not the same but it won't kill us.  Plus it'll be nice to be sit around, talk, go out, read, surf the internet, whatever.  It'll be good.  We'll be saving a lot this year, which is nice but paying off debt will be the ultimate.  Then we'll have nothing looming over our heads.  Once that's done, then I'll be doing my yoga teacher training sometime next year or 2014.  And then we'll have a good chunk saved for Kenya when we're going there in 2014.  Exciting times.  Not sure what we're doing this summer but I doubt we'll be going to Cozumel now.  We might even get certified doing advanced up here, ie in cold ass water.  Whatever I can suck it up.  Or try.  I really want to go out to Tobermory and see for myself just how clear the viz is. 

Looking forward to doing some camping as well this year.  I think this will be the year where we stay around Ontario and find things to do.  Which is just as well.

Anyways gotta go.  Peace! <3

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