Friday, March 2, 2012

I read so many blogs and enjoy their reading content.  Me, on the other hand, I don't have anything great to write about ever.  LOL.  I do need to post some new pictures up on here.

Last night got obliterated and it was great. lol.  Crawled into bed with the dogs after midnight, only to awake 5 short hours later.  That's okay though, I can catch up tomorrow and have a nap while Jeff is out doing his restricted firearms class/certification.  I'll catch up on all the "crap tv" that I've got on the PVR that he mercilessly hates. 

Aerial yoga starts in a couple of weeks.  God I'm so bloody eager and excited to get our debt paid off so I can start my yoga teacher training.  Sunday I have a class with Kelly.  Glenn is back from South America next week.  And then the Yoga Conference is at the end of the month, that I'm going to with Marah too.  We're doing a 6 hour class with Sean Corne on the Friday and I'm doing another 2 hour with her on Saturday morning.  I think Marah's doing a Maria Garre class on sun salutations.  Totally looking forward to this, I'm in love with yoga and just how therapeutic it is and good for the mind, body and soul.  It really, really is.

On Sunday at some point Im also heading over to Sheila's so I can see little Ella, her 12 week old english bull dog.  She's already gained almost 5 lbs in 3 weeks since I last saw her.  I can't wait, she's just a little dumpling, so adorable you could eat her up.  :)

Anyways have a great one kids!

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