Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Had a rough night.  Again.  I look spectacular today.  Not.  I had to cake on the concealer under my eyes because my bags have their own bags.  It's rough looking.  And I've got purple eyes too.  That's stress for you.

Yesterday I went to a spinning class with Jessica, that was a bunch of fun.  Sweat like a pig and had some nice eye candy of an instructor to stare at so it wasn't half bad.  We ended up going to the new gym at Yonge and Adelaide and it's like a damn hotel.  It's gorgeous.  Must go there more often, however most of their yoga classes there are paid extra classes and its' hot yoga.  I'm not paying additional money to do yoga that would otherwise normally be free and included but because you're adding heat to the mix?  Yeah whatevs, I don't think so.

So this Thursday our cable and internet gets cut off for a year to save money.  We're getting Acanac internet but we'll just have free air cable, which is basically 6 channels (not bad eh?), the rest we'll be downloading or watching online.  I'm not fussed too much, I can watch all the "shit" tv shows online that Jeff hates so much and not irritate the fuck out of him.  It's a hobby of mine that I excel at - irritating the fuck out of Jeff.  LOL.  Plus, I think this down time or quiet time will be good.  I'll take the dogs out walking more, I'll be reading more, I'll be writing more....It's going to be weird though.  The nice thing about the new internet were getting is that there's no cap for data, it's unlimited.  Can you say, "Winning!".

Yogastock registration just opened up this morning although it's glitching.  The Yoga Conference that I'm attending with Marah is quickly approaching at the end of March, which I'm excited for.

"Identification of our selves to the world is called ego.  When this link disappears, then only Truth remains."  Baba Hari Dass

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