Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Had a really good weekend this past gone.  Friday was a super busy day at work and I ended up doing a spinning class at lunch, which totally killed me.  I was a lump of coal all afternoon, really dragging my ass around, but good for me nonetheless.

Friday night, I got home and Alex had already made it to our place to stay for the weekend, which was just as well - Jeff was in a sour mood because of issues with our lacksidaisy superintendent that does jack all.

So I guess that evening, Greg came over and we spent the evening watching episodes of Lost, which we're watching currently (every.single.night) and LOVING it. 

Saturday morning I woke up much too early and went to get some eggs and stuff from the store, decided to do a drive by Sheila's to see if her dogs were outside and sure enough, they were.  I saw Barclay, her Sheltie at the fence so I parked the car and tippy toed over to say hello.  And then they all came running to the fence and Barclay with his lovely Sheltie bark that he has, informed Sheila that they had a guest at the gate.  I was much too happy to see all her furry kids - Barclay the Sheltie, Godfried the Frenchie, Ella the 5 month old English Bully and lest we not forget Waldo, the 11 year old blind and contented Boston Terrier.  I stayed about 10 minutes just loving them all up and then I let Sheila get back to her cleaning and I back to my humble abode to awake the sleeping giants, aka Jeff and Alex.  Saturday turned into a day of Lost episodes and Greg came back over, we all had some steak for dinner and we were originally supposed to meet Laura, Bruce's gf but they were going through some things so they decided to hang back.  We took the pups with us to the drive in to watch that new Jason Statham movie and then the Hunger Games, which was good but strange at times.  Good thing I brought the dogs because I underdressed and was cold the entire evening.  So Laura ended up messaging me not long after we left, asking if we'd like to join them for some drinks.  Greg wasn't feeling great so Alex decided to take him home, I dropped off Jeff and shot home to take the dogs back and then I went back and we all met up with Bruce and Laura.  I have to say, Bruce did tell me that we'd get along great but I wasn't expecting to get along as smashingly as we had.  I really, really, truly like the girl and I think she's good for Bruce.  Last call came around 2 am and we all headed back to our place, Jeff went out and got a pizza, Laura and I chatted some more (well I hogged her the entire time at our place, lets be honest - lol) and I guess all said and done, we ended up crawling into bed around 5 am.  Can I just remind myself for a minute here that I can't stay up nearly as late as I once used to.  Man did I feel like a bump on a log on Sunday.  By afternoon, I felt less sluggish and the rest of the day was pretty much just chill, some eats and watching more Lost.  It was a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself. 

It's now Tuesday and I just got back from a hot yoga class not long ago.  I'm on a roll this week thus far - spinning yesterday, hot yoga today, hot yoga tomorrow, Thursday I'm off shadowing a full timer doing the dog walking thing for the day and Friday will likely be spinning or a regular power Yoga class or hatha.

I feel like I'm being pulled in some many directions at work and it's mainly due to Danielle being away in Ireland for a family emergency.  Truthfully, the days just FLY by and I'm just fine with that.

Peace. <3 xo

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