Friday, May 18, 2012

It's been a long week and we're finally at the end with a long weekend ahead of us.  Excited to get the day over with as we're heading up north pretty much as soon as I get home.  Coming with us are the dogs, Alex, Greg, Jeff's brother and Nadean.  Should be a nice and really warm weekend but I'm hoping the black flies are raging from hell.  I'm going to try out this new Off thing you wear on your pants that's supposed to cover a certain range of area, so we'll see if that works for me and the dogs.

The dogs had a bath last night.  They look spectacular and white...but not for long, they ARE going to the country this weekend.  Those dogs crack me up after they have a bath - running around "blitzing", making all this noise and carrying on and then plunk, they'll sit down and fall asleep/dry off.  They're both little rascals. 

I'm really getting bored with the writing.  I feel like all I write about is routine.  Maybe I'll have to start tackling topics or something like that... .Or jott down any ideas that I may see others writing about.

Next week I start my dog walking jobbie.  For now, it looks like I'll be checking up on mainly cats but I do have an older Maltese that I'm going to see with a lady that lives in a retirement home.  And I know in June I get to visit with two Greyhounds that are show dogs and have obediance titles.  I'm pretty excited to see them, I haven't really came much in contact with Greyhounds in my days.  The Woofstock Dog Festival is in a few weeks times, as is our day trying out the dock diving.  :) 

Will recap about the wknd and hopefully some pictures early next week.

In the meantime, have a great (long) weekend and be safe. <3

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