Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Holy, what a shit show things have been since last Wednesday night when shit hit the fan.  The stress I've endured .. jesus.  I'm not even going to get into it because it's not worth it and it's about moving forward, not re-hashing or going over symantics at this point.  Much energy was spent, or wasted, depends on if you see the glass as half full or half empty..

Alex ended up coming down on Saturday afternoon up until Sunday evening.  Didn't do much on Saturday because we were stranded without a car as it was at the dealership getting an oil change and serviced with some airbag non-sense.

I have to mention this AMAZING place on Main Street that we got burritos from on Thursday night.  Got paid on Thursday, as with my awesome bonus and Jeff wanted to get some of the groceries out of the way because he was heading down to the airport with my momma on Friday to pick up Jason and Cathy, Brian's nephew and his girlfriend from England.  This place has to die for, orgasm in your mouth Mexican food, there's no other place like it... The smells... oh my goodness!!  We got a chicken burrito and a steak and then some sides and Jeff and I split them to try them both.  Definitely too much food but we weren't complaining, it was leftovers for the next day.  Delish.  Good thing they're not open every day of the week otherwise I think Jeff and I would be eating there all the time.  Definitely a great idea to try some new foods and not be so boring and conventional.  Wasn't that expensive either, just a bit more than a pizza would cost.

Sunday we went about and did some shopping.  We were hell bent on finding another set of knives, namely Henckles because their quality is like none other.  We didn't find any deals anywhere and we didn't want to get the exact same set we currently have, not that there is anything wrong with them but we want to try something different.  Saw some sets for over $700-$800 and nearly shit my pants.  LOL  We did end up finding me a North Face jacket at Sail, I tried to get a Prana dress for $75 but Jeff wasn't having it.  Oh well, I tried.  He doesn't get how clothes cost so much, I don't either but hey, I don't make the rules here Pal. LOL  We returned home after eating shit food (which I ended up feeling raunchy later - note stop falling apart and eating like shit on the weekends!!) and I think we all had brief naps before dinner. 

We're currently at the tail end of the Lost seasons, we've managed to watch every season every night for a couple of weeks and soon it'll be over.  We're already plotting what's next, I think perhaps Mad Men.  But I do want a break from incessant seasons of tv shows.  Just a bit, not to mention I have TONS of pvr'd stuff lined up for us to watch, i.e we haven't watched the last couple of weeks of Survivor, dammit. 

So I decided to get off my butt and do the 5 km run again in June, all this before our fun day out when we take the boys dock diving, or should I say to try dock diving.  I'm going to take along my wet suit and try to coax them in with some toys and the like.  Jeff will be the dry one on the dock trying to get the boys riled up to go for a leap into the pool.  And then the very next day, we'll head downtown to the annual Woofstock Dog Festival down on Front Street.  If you've never gone, it's great, you should go.  It's a great all-in-once location to get treats, dog food, attire, bedding, etc, etc.  I like it especially because you see all the breeds flock together, namely the Wolfhounds, the Danes, the Bully breeds, or more exotics like Chinese Water Crested.  It's such an awesome event and they actually have a "High Tea" afternoon at the King Edward Hotel the weekend before that honours canines that have fought their battles with cancer and to those that have lost theirs.  Very sweet.

I must end this but next entry will be about last Thursday, the day I shadowed with Deb, one of the full timers for this dog walking jobbie I'm taking on.  Without even having to mention it, it's going to be so much and I look forward to the next time I get to meet some new furry friends.  I'll tell you about Henry, whom I haven't been able to forget since last Thursday.. Until then... <3

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