Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Musings

So we've recently started being more health conscious of what we're eating and when I say we, I've got Jeff on board.  Now that I've been given the all-clear from the allergist that I can eat raw fruit now (with the exception of grapes - hey, I can eat most fruit so not eating grapes is just fine by me..), we've been eating more fruit, being more conscious of not eating too many carbs, or foods that are organic or gluten-free.  We've also started going hiking to get some exercise in and I've committed to rollerblading this summer, I mean, I might as well, I bought these new blades maybe 3 years ago and haven't worn them once.  Not once.  How pathetic.  So I'm going to do that while Jeff takes up biking again.  I told him that he should be biking every day and he'll start seeing some changes.

Meanwhile, we're back at the home front - my mom came back from Cuba yesterday afternoon.  The boys passed right the fuck out as soon as we got home.  I swear you couldn't have squeezed their eyes shut any tighter.  So they'll be write offs for a week.  They need a bath, having rolled in the grass at moms and digging in dirt, but I'll let them catch up on a few days rest.  Poor things, such a rough life being a Bichon at our house.

I literally can't get over how well Jeff Bauman is recovering after being all over the news last week following the Boston marathon bombing.  He's unofficially become the poster "child" for that tragic event.  It's really amazing that more people didn't die than did but still, the injuries are catastrophic.

Well.... on a sobering note..

Out geocaching with my man

This Canada Goose must be sitting on a nest of eggs for the wifey; he hasn't moved in a week that I've seen.

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