Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's 4 days late but whatev! My last weekend's adventures ...

Well, I figure it was about time that I wrote about the Easter Long Weekend.  Man, though, these pictures have been a bitch trying to move and reorganize.  I was off on Friday for the long weekend, but it wasn't a relaxing weekend of any kind for me.  I was working my petsitting jobbie and that meant that I spent most of the weekend not at home, but rather doing house calls and in the car.  It was a crazy busy weekend!!  Something like 40 visits I did from Thursday night to Sunday night.  And I took the day off Monday to spend it with Jeff but also knowing that I'd be tanked from the weekend.  So I did just that.  Did nothing on Monday.  Jeff was off because his normal Friday off was the Stat holiday so they gave him the Monday.  We went over to my mom's for Easter Dinner, which was nice, and the boys loved seeing my mom, as usual.  :)
And then Tuesday, he was going in for jury selection.  Turns out after he sat there for about 3 hours, it was for this sexual assault case, some el creepo Jeff said he looked like.  For that trial, they had alrady chosen 7 of 12 so they almost had a full panel, but he was dismissed thank GOD.  Not only does it pay horribly, he also said that due to financial reasons and personal reasons he didn't think he could sit in on the trial. AKA because of me.  I don't blame him.  I don't remember the trial from over 25 years ago either, mind you I was so little but I also think part of my brain is a blur and prevented me from remembering what went on back in those days.  Which is just as well because I have a very visual mind and I still have the ocasional flashback.  Anyways, moving along, he was back home by like 12:30 and that was that.
This week has been good at the gym.  Tuesday I did some cardio and a core class.  Yesterday I did a body combat class.  Today I'm going to do a power yoga class.  And tomorrow will either be a Body Pump class or Combat class again.
Below are just a few of the animals that I looked after last weekend.  Some regulars and some new ones.  I also got to a client's house on Sunday and noticed she was home (most people are either away on vacation, away for the weekend or at work, so I rarely actually meet pet parents) and she said that she knew she was home early but she waited around because she knows I like her Greyhound, Jagger, and she wanted to take me out to a farmer's field close by and take him off leash running.  I shit you not it was like watching a Cheetah run.  Man this dog could run and around and around... To the point that he'll hurt himself if he isn't careful.  You have to keep them moving after they run and run cold water over their muscles just like you would a horse... But the smile on this dogs face was priceless.  It was something beautiful and I'm so glad that she took me out to watch him run.  It was great.
This weekend I have a feeling I'm going to drag Jeff for some hiking or perhaps even downtown to do some walking around and have a nice lunch at Fresh.  :)  Really looking forward to this weekend.  Peace homies!! xoxo



Are these not the cutest stumpy legs you've ever seen in your life?  And she has these massive paws on her. 

She totally has the sad face mastered, eh?


Uber friendly Chinchilla named, wait for it, Chinchi lol

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