Thursday, March 28, 2013

My time at The Yoga Conference last weekend :)

Good Morning.. I can't believe it's Thursday already.  Crazy week following a blissed out weekend at the Yoga Conference here in Toronto.  I always look forward to March because that means that the conference is upon us.  But, it always flies by so quickly, I don't even know how it's possible the weekend goes by so quickly.  Its actually quite insane. 

I packed up my shit last Thursday night and then on Friday morning, took the third train down to Union to meet up with Marah for our wonderful 6 hour session with Seane Corn.  I managed to get us a spot directly in front of her, which was divine.  Also, as I was hoping would be the case, the lovely Dallas was there from Kingston to assist with Seane's workshops over the weekend.  Both these weekend are amazing.  I mean, Seane Corn, the name, her projects, her work, her views, everything speaks for itself.  Dallas has an air of mystery to her.  She's beautiful to look at, just full of art work over her entire body but she exudes this beautiful gentleness about her that is just so lovely, which is is interesting because just simply looking at her, she looks rough around the edges....She's beautiful though.  And Seane, well fuck, I can't say enough good things about that woman.  I always leave her workshops feeling inspired, wanting to do and change.  She's such an amazing person who's life is about serving others and spreading love around the globe.  Without love, compassion and forgiveness, there is no moving forward into a better day, a better world.

Marah, Seane and I *smiles*
Friday night after Seane's class, Mares and I went to Fresh to grab some yummy food. 

Then followed a blissful 2-3 hours at Body Blitz spa.  We spend time doing a water circuit in their dead sea water, epsom salt pool and then the cold ass pool we were supposed to dip in for a minute long... Good for your pores but man, B R U T A L L Y C O L D!!!!!  It felt amazing afterwards though.  And then once 8 pm rolled along, we were in for 45 minute massages.  Man, it was amazing.  Afterwards, we finally rolled over to Marah's place not far from the spa, walking distance.  I was reunited with Gummer, her adorably handsome black cat that is uncannily like a dog.  *happy dance*  We chatted for a few hours over some cheese, popcorn and vino.  We then went to bed, chatted some more and then goodnight because we had an 8 am sesh with Seane. 

I woke up the next morning early, *Marah is NOT a morning person, so I was the one that got up early and got us going*, called Jeff because he was going up to a shooting competition, which by the way he did remarkably well in.  He's been doing SO well in the competitions, I'm so proud and he's very proud and happy of himself.

We got moving, slowly but surely and once we got to the Convention Center, we were on a mission to find COFFEE.  Nothing was open at 7 am!!!  Alas, we found java and we were happy campers.  After the 8 am to 10 am class, which was all asana, we then had a break from 10 am to 1 pm, which we took advantage of to walk around the floor and look at all the vendors, shop around and grab a bite to eat before our 1 o'clock sesh with Natasha Rizopoulos.  Different but good, she was in phenomenal shape for her age, lots of tips practicing.. We did almost another 2 hours with her and then once she was finished her session, my last session was with Seane Corn at 3:15 pm, which was "Everyday Miracles"...the class was in tears just talking about life experiences, relating to them, etc.  It was a deep class, for sure.  We then did about an hour to finish or close the day.  I left not long after packing up my stuff after class, then walked to Union and caught the bus home.  Amazing couple of days for sure.

I woke up Sunday with sore abs, sore ribs and sore triceps from all the chatturangas. LOL  It was a fantastic weekend and Sunday I didn't do much but chilled and took it easy.  The End, for now. :) hehe

Ugh I look tired lol

Too dark .. boo hoo

A book I want

Beautiful malas

Isn't this little girl toting around her little yoga mat totally adorable?!?

Seane working her magic in the Center Garden area at the Show

Yummy sprouts and avocado salad.

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